How a Legal Answering Service Will Help Your Clients

Peyton Duplechien • 08 May 2019 • 3 min read

The law has turned into a competitive profession over the last couple of decades as the number of legal firms booms nationally, but there has also been a corresponding boom in opportunity as more and more companies and people become better educated about when they need legal services and how to connect to them. As a result, marketing your services as a lawyer has become a more vital part of practicing law as attorneys. One of the most important aspects of that marketing is creating a welcoming environment that helps your clients get the service they need. Here is how a legal answering service can help your clients and how it will also empower your legal marketing engine.

Personal Connection

First and foremost, live answering services connect your clients with real people whenever they call, making the experience warmer and easier to navigate. The dashboard VoiceNation provides makes it easier for you to navigate those messages too, and that means you will be better equipped to return calls promptly and organize your information easily, making it possible for you to have a better personal connection to each caller when you return calls, too.

Virtual Receptionist Services

If you are working on putting together a new firm, startup costs can range between $3,000 and $15,000, and that is before you pay for any staff or yourself. These costs can balloon quickly if you have to hire full-time staff because a single receptionist alone will likely cost you more than twice your other startup costs in the first year your firm operates. For that reason, many attorneys do not hire additional staff until their firm is established.
Using a legal answering service that can provide you with a virtual receptionist experience can help you connect with your customers by providing all the same benefits a live receptionist on site would provide, including:

  • Determining the level of urgency in a call and making a note so you have the ability to gauge which messages need to be returned the quickest
  • Warm transfer services—greeting and screening calls before directly connecting them ensures you make a better connection when you take a call
  • Appointment setting and other calendar management services provided by our professional receptionist

7 out of 10 potential clients hang up when they are sent directly to voicemail, so having any kind of live answering increases the effectiveness of your marketing by ensuring new clients receive a warm welcome, which increases the likelihood they will leave a message, helping you connect them to the legal services they need.

Using Answering Services and Virtual Receptionists Part-Time

Some attorneys find that an on-site receptionist is still necessary to deal with the volume of foot traffic their office receives or to support their operations in other capacities. In those cases, a legal answering service can still provide some virtual reception services by building in the backup needed to take care of your calls when your receptionist is busy. That means being able to take your after-hours calls as you expect, but also being able to handle live overflow, allowing your receptionist on site to focus on the people there in your office. As a result, your staff has less divided attention and a better ability to connect with people who need help then and there.

Select Your Service

If you are looking for a legal answering service, Voice Nation has options that range from about the cost of a cell phone plan on up to full virtual receptionist packages that can handle everything your office needs. This lets you focus on the cases in front of you with the full knowledge that your clients and callers are getting the help they need when they call you. Give VoiceNation a call or try our 7-day Free Trial today to check out our simple pricing plans and to see how our services can help you take your firm to the next level of service.