Free Trial Terms & Conditions

Free Trial Terms and Conditions

VoiceNation offers thirty (30) free minutes of service for eligible customers that can be used over the course of a seven (7) day period following free trial sign-ups. The seven (7) day period begins immediately upon free trial activation. Sign up for instant access to a VoiceNation phone number and thirty (30) free minutes of live answering service.
To start your free trial, simply enter an area code and phone number to forward your calls to, and complete the Setup Wizard process. That’s it. Your live answering free trial will be activated instantly, and your calls will be ready to be answered by our live operators.
You won’t be charged anything during your free trial. At this time, we do not capture credit card information either, so cancellation is not necessary. Once your free trial ends, your account will be deactivated, unless you upgrade either online or on a call with our Sales Department. After your free trial period ends, if you haven’t already upgraded, our sales team will reach out to you to discuss continuing your live answering service.

Free Trial Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at the end of my free trial?
Your live answering service and VoiceNation number will automatically deactivate. You will be contacted by a member of sales to discuss rolling into a live answering plan.
Will I be able to keep the same number if I sign up for service after my free trial?
Yes, you can keep the same number when you upgrade to full service from the free trial.
Will I be billed at the end of my free trial?
No. We currently do not require credit card information for free trials.
Do I need to sign a contract?
No. We never will ask you to sign a contract for your virtual receptionist/live answering service.
How do I cancel my free trial?
Your free trial will automatically deactivate after the seven (7) day free trial period. There is no need to cancel your free trial.
Will I be billed anything today?
Will I get instant access to the dashboard?
Yes. You will receive an automated email containing your dashboard login credentials as soon as you sign up for a free trial.
Do my free trial minutes rollover?
No, yet when you start your full-service account with VoiceNation, you will get to reap all of the extra benefits you didn’t have in the free trial such as order processing, dispatching, and more!