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Professional Live Answering.
24 Hours a Day. 7 Days a Week. 365 Days a Year. Holidays Included.

VoiceNation icon for 24/7 Live Answering ServicesEvery business owner knows that having a well-managed office means the difference between securing your next client or sending them running to your competitor.

When you choose VoiceNation as your company’s phone answering service, you’ll get a quality operator who knows just what to say. We provide highly trained experts to handle every call, plus proprietary software designed in-house that ensure your calls are handled with the highest level of care and attention.

Plus, our operators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. This means you get excellent service around the clock for a fraction of what you pay to hire an employee to perform the same task.

What Is Live Answering?

Live answering is basically like hiring the perfect receptionist. They take your calls any time, day or night. They have a script customized to your business, so they know exactly what to say. You can rest assured knowing we’re representing your business, brand and message correctly.

Whether you choose to supplement your in-house staff or eliminate the need for an on-staff receptionist altogether, VoiceNation is here to serve your needs, no matter what your industry or what services you offer.

Live Answering Services for Your Businesses

Don’t worry — when you’re away, we’ve got you covered. We’ll answer your phones and forward along your messages. All of our plans include call forwarding, so if there’s an advanced issue that requires your assistance, we patch callers through to you or your team members at no extra cost.

Our experts answer basic questions related to your business, handle simple order processing in a safe and secure environment and send you messages immediately.

Benefits of Business Call Answering

Our experts will help you land new prospects and keep existing clients by ensuring a courteous professional always answers their calls. Never miss a sales lead again.

At VoiceNation, we don’t charge extra for additional services or holidays. We don’t believe in nickel-and-diming our customers, so you never have to worry about unexpected charges.

Business Phone Answering Features

When you choose VoiceNation as your business answering service, you get:

  • Instant Activation: Just sign up online, set up your dashboard and we’ll start taking your calls.
  • Service 24/7/365: Enjoy the comfort of knowing we’re always here to answer your calls, so you don’t have to be.
  • Immediate Messaging: We deliver your messages via email and SMS right away.
  • A Local or Toll-Free Number: Boost your professional image and never give out your personal phone number ever again.
  • Personalized On-Call Schedules: You decide when you need us and easily make changes whenever you need to.
  • A Personalized Dashboard: Our online dashboard lets you see everything you need to know and make changes instantly.
  • Round-the-Clock Customer Support: We treat you just like we treat your customers. Give us a call if you ever need anything.

VoiceNation Plans and Pricing

Whether you’re an entrepreneur on-the-go or a Fortune 500 company looking for the perfect call center to support you, we’ve got you covered. Check out our full range of plans and pricing options. You don’t sign a contract, so you can change your plan any time.

Don’t see what you need? Give us a call at 877-554-6222 to create a plan customized to your unique business needs.

See Us in Action

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