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Have our highly-trained Live Chat specialists answer your web chats and send any messages to you via email.

  • Convert more website leads
  • Answer chats 24/7, 365
  • Improve query resolution rates
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All or some chats: your choice

We can answer your live website all the time or just handle some of your chats some of the time. This is all set up easily in the Live Chat portal.

Increase sales inquiries

The potential for every website visitor is maximized with our Live Chat software. You’ll see an increase in sales inquiries once you add live chat to your site.

Resolve queries faster

Online Live Chat provides another way for your customers to get in touch. You brief us, and then we’ll be able to answer customer questions right then and there in a live website chat.

Get in touch today

Leave your details below and we’ll give you a callback. Alternatively, call us on 866-766-5050. We look forward to getting to know you!

How our Live Chat support works

Sign up for VoiceNation Live Chat for websites

Then, you’ll tell us about your team so we can answer chats as an extension of your business.

Add our customer service chat software

Our reliable and secure customer support chat software is easy to add to your website!

Start chatting

Choose when you want to answer your chats or have our Live Chat specialists answer.

You’re always in the know

When we provide Live Chat customer service, we’ll send transcripts of those chats right away.


What's the difference between a proactive and click-to-chat customer chat service?

With a click-to-chat service, the website visitor starts the chat communication. Your chat widget will always display on your website, and at any point, the customer can click on the widget to start a chat. When you use proactive live chat software, when a visitor comes to your website, the live chat window pops up with a predetermined greeting. This is a great way to engage with leads. With VoiceNation, you can choose between click-to-chat and proactive chats whenever you want.

Can I see my past chats?

Absolutely! You can see the entire list of customer service chat logs in your Live Chat portal at any time.

Will you send me messages?

When we talk to your website visitors via chat, we’ll do our best to resolve the conversation by providing the information they need. If we can’t, then yes, we will send you a message with the entire chat transcript and a way to connect with the visitor.

How do I switch from chatting myself to Live Chat specialists?

It’s easy! Whenever you’re logged in, the chats will be sent to you (or your team). When you log out or switch to “unavailable,” your chats will be sent to VoiceNation.

Are chat windows customizable?

Yes! We want to best match our Live Chat services with your website and branding. You choose how you want your chat window and widget to look during the initial setup. After that, you can make any tweaks to your portal.

How does Live Chat pricing work?

With our straightforward pricing, there are no setup fees or admin charges when implementing our Live Chat software. Our plans include bundles of chats, so you only pay for what you need!

Is there a contract for Live Chat services?

You’ll start with a three-month minimum contract for our chat support software and services, and after that, you can cancel with one month’s notice.

How do you answer for my business?

When you first get started with Live Chat, you’ll go through an onboarding process where we’ll learn as much about your business as possible. After all, we want to be a seamless extension of your business through our Live Chat answering service! Any time you need to make updates or want to make changes, we are readily available via phone or email. Or you can make the updates yourself through your secure portal.

How do I track and make changes to Live Chat?

Your secure Live Chat portal is an incredible tool for adjusting shortcut responses, viewing your reports, reading through chat transcripts, updating your chat window and widget design, and so much more. With the best software at your fingertips, it’s easy to make our customer chat service work for you!

How do I add Live Chat to my website?

We’ll walk you through the simple process of getting started with our Live Chat software. Once you’re set up and your customers can chat online, you can choose when you want to answer your chats and when you want them sent to your VoiceNation Live Chat specialists!

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