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Live Chat

Just like calls, we’ll answer your web chats and send any message to you via email.

Benefits of Live Chat

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All chats vs. some chats

We can answer all your chats all the time, or some of your chats some of the time. This is all set up easily in the Live Chat portal.

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Increases sales inquiries

Every website visitor is maximized with Live Chat. You’ll see an increase in sales inquiries once you add Live Chat to your site.

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Resolve queries faster

Live Chat provides another way for your customers to get in touch. You brief us and then we'll be able to answer customer questions right then and there.

How it works

Setting up Live Chat is straight forward. We’ll take a full brief from you so we understand your business, what your FAQs are and how you like your chats managed. This will give our receptionists all the information they need to handle your chats.

Next, you’ll need to add Live Chat to your website. We’ll provide you with a small piece of code; it’s a quick job and something that can be done by you or your website host. Once that’s done we’re ready to start chatting on your behalf: all of the time or just when you need us – you decide.


We price on a per chat model and encourage you to take advantage of our free trial so we can understand the volume of chats you’re likely to receive. This way we can give you an accurate price plan. Give us a call on 877.679.3777 and we’ll get this set-up for you.

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