Growing Your Business, Beyond the Call

Category: Resources for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

August 31, 2022

Phone Answering Tips

When it comes to interacting with your customers, both new and returning, most of your work is done over the phone. Whether it’s texting or calling, it’s important to pay attention to what you say to your customer, as well as how you say it. Phone calls are usually where first impressions of your business… Continue reading Phone Answering Tips

August 24, 2022

What Soft Skills and Qualities Are Important for a Receptionist?

Having a receptionist is the best way to prevent losing customers to your voicemail. Choosing a quality receptionist is crucial to ensuring success for your business. Experience is always a plus when it comes to hiring a receptionist, but soft skills are the most important when it comes to customer facing roles. Oftentimes, a receptionist… Continue reading What Soft Skills and Qualities Are Important for a Receptionist?

July 14, 2022

Best Apps for Realtors

As a Realtor, you’re constantly on the go to find new properties, meet with clients, and promote your current investments. Apps are the perfect tool to up your game and set you apart from your competition in this highly competitive housing market. Whether you need help with important documents or talking to your clients, there’s… Continue reading Best Apps for Realtors

July 07, 2022

5 Tips to Avoid Small Business Failure

VoiceNation began in a garage, with a few individuals striving to build the best telecom software and apparatus available to US consumers. Since 2002, we’ve specialized in assuring small to Medium-sized Businesses that their client calls will be handled professionally, quickly, and affordably. Forming and running a small business can be incredibly rewarding – and… Continue reading 5 Tips to Avoid Small Business Failure

June 27, 2022

5 of Best Apps for Influencers

Regardless of if you’re a macro or micro influencer, creating an attractive post is essential to your success. Apps help enrich a user’s digital experience, and as an influencer, they can help you create content, track important traffic, and even publish your posts at the most optimal time for your followers. If you prefer using… Continue reading 5 of Best Apps for Influencers