Growing Your Business, Beyond the Call

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February 06, 2023

The Evolution of Communication

Communication is the key to understanding people, and it’s an important component of human civilization. Over the years, the ways that people communicate have changed a lot: Centuries ago, the only way that people could communicate was face to face, but now, we have lots of different ways to say things to people. With modern… Continue reading The Evolution of Communication

Telecommunications Technology 101: Phone, Radio, and Television

“Telecommunications” is a term used to describe the ways information is transmitted over a distance. Services such as telephone, television, radio, and Internet are all considered different parts of telecommunications, but the field of modern telecommunications is typically divided into two main categories: wired and wireless. Wired telecommunications involves the use of cables and other… Continue reading Telecommunications Technology 101: Phone, Radio, and Television

Tips for Phone and Video Interviews

Interviewing for a job used to almost always require traveling to the company in person, but nowadays, quite a few application processes include a phone or virtual interview. A virtual interview is an interview conducted online using video conferencing software like Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet. Virtual interviews are becoming increasingly popular because they offer… Continue reading Tips for Phone and Video Interviews

The Invention of the Telephone

No single invention has helped shaped modern technology as much as the telephone. Nearly all of our current communication methods can be traced back to this crucial invention. Even though we might not always use our phone for making calls, we all carry one in our pocket, purse, or backpack. Alexander Graham Bell is officially… Continue reading The Invention of the Telephone

January 26, 2023

How do I forward my business number to my new VoiceNation number?

Welcome to VoiceNation! Want to understand more about linking your business phone to your VoiceNation number? Whether you need us to answer calls 24/7/365 or just overflow calls that you’re not able to answer, we’re here to help! Before we can start providing America’s #1 Answering Service for your company, let’s decide if you want… Continue reading How do I forward my business number to my new VoiceNation number?

January 12, 2023

Importance of Customer Service

A key part of running a successful business in any sector, is being there for your customers. Customer service not only answers important questions for clients in need, but it also represents your brand and will serve most of what your customers experience in the long run. Just one good experience could encourage a customer… Continue reading Importance of Customer Service