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May 08, 2019

Funny voicemail greetings

Whether you’re receiving calls from friends, family, or customers, it’s always a little awkward when their call goes to voicemail. Which might be why so many people are choosing to leave quirky and funny out of office messages instead, to ease the tension that comes with waiting for the voicemail tone. Funny voicemail greetings are… Continue reading Funny voicemail greetings

Online Telephone Directories

  When you are trying to find a telephone number, online telephone directories may be the way to go. You can almost always find the phone number that you need, whether you are searching for a person or business in the United States, or internationally. Plus, many online directories offer reverse-searches, people searches, links to voicemail, virtual… Continue reading Online Telephone Directories

All About Ham Radios!

  Ham radios are also known as amateur radios, and they are becoming more popular among those who need a powerful communication device as well as computer hobbyists. They enable people to communicate with other amateur radio users in their countries and around the world. In fact, they are the most powerful wireless communication tools… Continue reading All About Ham Radios!

May 06, 2019

Learn to Speak Hawaiian

The Hawaiian language is a form of Polynesian language, and it was named after the island of Hawai’i, or Big Island. It is one of two official languages of the state of Hawaii, the other being English. As such, Hawaii is the only state in the US that has two official languages. The Hawaiian language… Continue reading Learn to Speak Hawaiian