Professional Small Business Answering Services

Proudly supporting hundreds of small businesses across the US with Live Answering and Live Chat solutions.

America’s best receptionists​

Our warm and professional receptionists act as a seamless extension of your team.

Customized responses​

Give us scripted responses to work from, with no limit on the data we capture for you.

New customer intake

We qualify leads following your instructions, leaving your team to close them with confidence.

24/7 business answering service​

We can capture every opportunity for you, day and night, 365 days a year.

Bilingual answering​

Your callers will experience exceptional service, whether they speak English or Spanish.

Business continuity

Whether it's a major disaster or a minor crisis, we'll be part of your backup plan.

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How it works

We’re all about simplicity and fuss-free answering. Our people and systems are ready when you are.

Get started

Setup is easy and activation is instant, which means we'll be answering your calls right away.

Personalize your account

We'll work with you to create a custom script so your calls are answered as if we're based in your business.

We’ve got you covered

We can transfer calls, send inquiries into your CRM, book appointments or even send messages to you by email or text (you choose).

Capture every opportunity in the most cost-effective way possible

Trained receptionists from our specialist sector teams

After all, they’re going to be a key part of your business

Scalable support in line with demand

Remain agile and manage costs with flexible support as and when you need it

Reduce ‘the noise’ so you can focus on selling

Keep your core team working efficiently without distraction, we’ll look after the rest

Be open around the clock

Capture new inquiries in your sleep as we’re here for you 24/7

Grow faster & drive more inquiries

Gain a competitive edge by capturing more new business and providing a better service

Drive more inquiries to your small business

Have our highly-trained Live Chat agents answer your chats and send any messages to you via email.

  • Increase new leads
  • Resolve browser queries faster
  • Improve customer service levels

Live Chat

Outsource some or all of your website chats to trained agents

Seamless account support

As a VoiceNation client, having our amazing receptionists answer your calls is just the beginning. You’ll also gain access to a suite of useful tools and features to ensure you’re maximizing everything our service has to offer. 

  • Proactive account management

    Our Support Team are here to help you with all aspects of your service; from technical assistance to reporting and invoicing queries, they’re always available.

  • Intuitive mobile app

    Ideal for working on the go, make real-time changes, check messages, block unwanted callers, set usage alerts, access support articles and so much more. 

  • Powerful portal dashboard

    For complete control and full visibility of your account, use the dashboard to customize and edit call scripts, view real-time call statistics and reports and update company information. 

Client spotlight


Business challenge

“Our in-house team was too busy to answer every call. We knew that if our calls went to voicemail customers would call our competitors, losing us business.”


“We’ve worked with a lot of third party companies but VoiceNation is a million times better than any of them.”


“One of the things we love is they make us look a lot bigger than we are. What’s more, we don’t have the cost of hiring an in-house receptionist.”

Nicodemus Law Office

Business challenge

“I run a small independent law firm, so answering the phone during the day is always a struggle. I’m often in court for long periods of time and can be faced with up to 20 voicemails when I get out.”


“VoiceNation answers any calls I can’t get to. They have a good understanding of the legal industry which is clearly reflected in the quality of the messages I receive.”


“My clients are happier as they no longer speak with my answering machine. VoiceNation’s tech is great too. With their app, I can view my messages instantly.”

PMB Insurance

Business challenge

“We’re a small, family-run agency in South Florida, so when our in-house receptionist found another job, we were worried about how we’d manage.”


“With our calls taken care of, we can ensure we’re always capturing new business, even when we’re out of the office visiting clients – it’s so convenient for us.”


“One of the best things is that it’s a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house. As a small business, we’ve got to make conscious decisions when it comes to spending money - and this is definitely a cost-effective solution.”

Express Labs

Business challenge

“We were missing calls during the evenings and weekends but were concerned about hiring additional employees to help with this. We believed an answering service would be a better option to capture calls out of hours and would also enhance our customer experience.”


“VoiceNation provides us with 24/7 call support, allowing us to offer an uninterrupted service and operate throughout the year. The team seamlessly handles over 200 calls on the 1st of every month after our invoices are sent out, executing the process with finesse and dispelling any notion of a conventional call center experience.”


“VoiceNation has been instrumental in managing our customer experience and sales operations, which has facilitated increased lead generation. They’ve also eliminated any concerns we had relating to employee issues and healthcare matters if we had taken on employees ourselves and significantly contributed to our company’s growth.”


What is a small business answering service?

A small business answering service provides real people to answer calls on behalf of other businesses. Here at VoiceNation, our real American receptionists are highly trained and fully briefed by you so they are able to act as a seamless extension of your team. We also have a team of Spanish-speaking receptionists, so your customers will experience exceptional service, whether they speak English or Spanish.

How much does a small business answering service cost?

Our pricing plans start from as little as $65 per month, which includes lots of great features. You can find all our Small Business Answering Service plans here.

Can I use my existing phone number?

Yes. You can forward your existing number to us at any time, and we’ll start answering your calls. Or you can port your number from your existing carrier and VoiceNation can host it for you.

What are the benefits of having a small business answering service?

There’s so many, but here’s the key benefits a small business answering service will bring to your business:
- Cost-effective: small business answering services are often a much more affordable option to hiring a full-time in-house receptionist, saving on salaries, benefits, and workspace expenses.
- 24/7 availability: small business answering services have the ability to operate around the clock, ensuring your business is accessible to customers at all times, including after regular business hours.
- Scalable: small business answering services can easily handle fluctuating call volumes, scaling their support up or down as needed to accommodate business growth or seasonal changes.

How long does it take to get set up with VoiceNation?

Your account is set up instantly, which means we start taking your calls right away. We don’t make you wait days to get your account up and running - even our customization process takes a mere 24 hours.

When is a small business answering service available to support my business?

Your VoiceNation Receptionists are on hand to support your business 24/7; whether that’s during your busiest time of day or after hours, they’ve always got you covered.

How does a small business answering service work?

Great question! Once you sign up with VoiceNation, you choose when we take your calls and we’ll answer just like an in-office receptionist would. Our seamless software makes it as though our operators are sitting right in your office. Then, we take a message when you’re not available or forward calls when you are.

Why VoiceNation is rated #1


Awesome scripted call answering provision shouldn’t be complicated, which is why we offer instant activation with no contract, transparent pricing and dashboards that let you control how we answer your calls and chats.

The best people

Comprehensive training in a specially designed environment makes our receptionists the best in the business, dealing with customers quickly but also empathetically to ensure the greatest outcome on every conversation.

Unmatched technology

Our award-winning software allows our receptionists to answer your calls and chats perfectly, but the best bit is the full visibility and control our portal dashboards give you to review interactions and make changes.

The nation’s favorite answering service

From large metro areas to more rural cities, VoiceNation offers industry-leading call answering nationwide.

Get started with our Small Business Answering Service today

By submitting this form, you agree to our Privacy Policy. We may contact you by email, SMS or call to follow up. You can opt out at any time.