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What is an Answering Service for a Doctor's Office?

hipaa compliant

We guarantee our virtual medical receptionist services are highly trained in secure medical call answering.

24/7 coverage

We provide 24/7/365 medical office answering services that keep your office up and running day or night.

pricing made simple
Pricing made simple

With affordable pricing, we're a seamless extension of your medical practice or organization at a fraction of the cost.

medical answering service

Trusted, Reliable Answering Service for Medical Practices

We’re a certified, trained, and trusted HIPAA-compliant physician answering service.

As a HIPAA – compliant call center, we work daily to maintain our compliance through rigorous employee training, regular testing, and a dedicated compliance team. This dedication ensures our professional, U.S.-based, virtual medical receptionist services are good to go. Our medical call answering service can safely manage your on-call scheduling, perform your patient intake, are available after hours, and redirect your patients when they need you most. 

What is a Medical Office Answering Service?

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    hospital answering serviceMedical Office Answering Services for Everyone From Solo Practitioners To Hospitals

    As a healthcare provider, you’re on-call even when you’re not. After all, illness and injuries never rest and can strike at any moment.  Patients will rely on you to answer their medical questions over the phone. 

    How can you make sure your medical facility can handle all of its ongoing responsibilities? 

    With a HIPAA-compliant medical answering service, of course!

    VoiceNation is proud to serve large and small medical practices and administration. We are a leading hospital answering service in addition to an answering service for doctors’ offices, hospitals, Medicaid answering service, and more!

    Hospital Answering Serviceanswering service for hospitals

    Is there such a thing as an answering service for hospitals? Is that possible?

    Absolutely! Thanks to our custom healthcare call center software, our virtual medical receptionist service is prepared and ready to handle your volume of calls.

    Our hospital answering service can service an emergency immediately connecting your valuable patients with the doctor or provider they need. How? Again, thanks to the custom medical answering service software and our custom scripting process that takes place on onboarding, your hospital system will be equipped, prepared, and ready to answer the calls.

    answering service for doctors officeWhat does a Doctor’s Answering Service Do?

    VoiceNation is an industry-leading organization that’s 100% committed to providing live phone support to medical facilities around the clock, 24/7/365

    • Experience HIPAA-Compliant live answering services for medical offices of all sizes and in all specialties. 
    • In addition to answering your incoming calls in 10 seconds or less, our medical call answering service will take messages and double-check them for accuracy. 
    • Our medical office answering service includes call forwarding, ensuring your calls end up with the appropriate recipients.
    • Our Medicaid answering service provides all of your patients with the services they need.
    • We answer patient calls for basic, non-emergency inquiries to emergencies that require immediate action.
    • Through VoiceNation, you can service your Spanish-speaking clients through our bilingual receptionists. 
    • Your practice will have the ability to integrate the reliable and robust TigerConnect secure medical messaging software.
    • You’re always available for your patients when they need you most through an after-hours medical answering service!

    When you partner with VoiceNation, you can feel secure that calls placed to your medical facility are being answered by skilled professionals who are caring, attentive, and expertly prepared to handle your calls exactly the way you want them to.

    After Hours Answering Services for Medical Officesafter hours medical answering service

    When the day is done, sadly medical emergencies and jarring situations are not. Unexpected emergencies do arise, will your practice be ready to answer the call?

    With on-call, after-hours answering services for medical offices, your practice can be there whenever your patients need your healthcare organization most.

    As the best medical answering service, we make it easy to follow these easy steps to set up your new after-hours medical answering service:

    1. Sign up and take advantage of our great medical answering service pricing.
    2. Forward your lines to our healthcare call center.
    3. Work with your account manager to custom script to every scenario. We can forward calls, dispatch, and follow any other instructions you might give us your medical virtual receptionist.

    At VoiceNation, we make physician call answering services that easy.

    hipaa compliant phone answering serviceWhat Phone Services Are HIPAA Compliant?

    This phone service question is one that healthcare administration asks themselves a lot, “What Phone Services are HIPAA Compliant?” They also ask themselves, “Is a Phone Call HIPAA Compliant?”

    Luckily for them, as a physician office answering service ourselves, we know the answer.

    Due to HIPAA protections that guard a patient’s private health information (PHI), phone calls are not always HIPAA compliant. There are several protections that must be put into place in order to make these calls safe and effective.

    At VoiceNation, our HIPAA-compliant answering service status is something we’re very proud of! We maintain a HIPAA-compliant answering service that’s proven by a certification that never lapses. Our virtual medical receptionist operators are rigorously trained and prepared to answer your calls and protect your patient’s PHI. We do this by employing our strict training and our HIPAA-compliant call center software.

    Other healthcare answering services may not be able to provide the same security, putting both you and your patients at risk.

    Does HIPAA Apply to Call Centers?hipaa answering service

    This question deserves a resounding – YES!

    In order to protect your patient’s PHI (private health information), you must be HIPAA compliant in a medical office call center.

    In order to be a HIPAA compliant medical answering service, you must pass certain standards and certifications. Here at VoiceNation, we are proud and protective of our status as a HIPAA-compliant phone answering service.

    The Competitive Advantage of a Medical Answering Service

    VoiceNation does more than “just” provide an answering service for doctors’ offices and other medical facilities. As a HIPAA answering service, we also provide you with a wealth of actionable information such as:

    • Access to detailed reports that break down your incoming calls. 
    • A dashboard and mobile app at your disposal where you can make real-time updates to your messages, on-call schedule, and more. 
    • At sign up with VoiceNation, you choose your custom phone number, with toll-free numbers being an option if desired for your medical office answering service. 

    Just like patients don’t want to wait to have their calls answered, we know you won’t want to wait to have a reliable medical telephone answering service handling your incoming calls. 

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    With VoiceNation as you can easily set up a virtual receptionist for medical practice simply. With us, you don’t need to sign any contracts or make a long-term commitment, although we’re sure you’ll keep us around as your physician answering service.

    Don’t wait any longer to give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing capable, HIPAA-compliant professionals are handling your calls.

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