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HIPAA-Compliant Medical Answering Services

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We make sure all our operators are highly trained in medical call answering.

24/7 coverage

We provide 24/7/365 medical answering services which keeps your office up and running day or night.

pricing made simple
Pricing made simple

With affordable pricing, we're an extension of your medical practice or clinic at a fraction of the cost.

medical answering service

Trusted, reliable answering services

We’re a secure and trusted HIPAA-compliant answering service and we will never record your messages. Our professional U.S.-based operators will manage your on-call scheduling and perform your patient intake.

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    Medical Office Answering Services for Everyone From Solo Practitioners To Hospital Groups – Perfect For Every Size Healthcare Business

    As a healthcare provider, it probably seems like you’re on-call even when you’re not. After all, illness and injury can strike at any moment. On top of that, patients will sometimes need to schedule or reschedule appointments outside of business hours. Vendors will want to arrange times to meet, and people will rely on you to answer their medical questions over the phone — and those are just a few of the things your office will need to be able to address any time, day or night.

    How can you make sure your medical facility can handle all of its ongoing responsibilities? With a HIPAA compliant medical answering service, of course!

    What We Offer for Medical Practitioners

    VoiceNation is an industry-leading organization that’s 100 percent committed to providing phone support to medical facilities around the clock, seven days per week, 365 days per year. For a set monthly fee, we’ll provide an answering service for medical offices of all sizes and in all specialties. Whether you operate a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital, we’ll have you covered all day and night.

    In addition to answering your incoming calls in 10 seconds or less, we’ll take messages and double check them for accuracy. Our service even includes call forwarding, ensuring your incoming calls end up with the appropriate recipients in the end.

    We know people call your office for a wide variety of reasons that can range from basic, non-emergency inquiries to emergencies that require immediate action. We also know that valuable time can be wasted when calls go unanswered, or callers are left on hold. When you partner with VoiceNation, you’ll know that calls placed to your medical facility are being answered by skilled professionals who are caring, attentive, thoughtful and expertly prepared to handle calls exactly the way you want them to.

    Medical Answering Service Competitive Advantage

    VoiceNation does more than “just” provide an answering service for doctors’ offices and other medical facilities. We also provide you with a wealth of actionable information by giving you access to detailed reports that break down your incoming calls. You’ll have a dashboard and app at your disposal through which you can make real-time updates to your messages, on-call schedule and more. When you sign up with VoiceNation, you can choose your phone number, with toll-free numbers being an option if desired.

    Just like patients don’t want to wait to have their calls answered, we know you won’t want to wait to have a reliable medical telephone answering service handling your incoming calls. That’s why we offer instant activation for our medical virtual receptionist answering services. You may have been told that instant activation is impossible in the past, but it’s a reality now that you’ve found VoiceNation.

    Start Your Seven-Day Free Trial

    With VoiceNation, you don’t need to sign any contracts or make a long-term commitment, although we’re sure you’ll keep us around for however long you run your medical facility. Don’t wait any longer to give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing capable, HIPAA-compliant professionals are handling your calls. Sign up for a seven-day free trial with VoiceNation today.