The top grossing mobile apps of all time

Peyton Duplechien • 19 Nov 2021 • 4 min read

If you own any type of smartphone, then it’s a given that you use at least a couple of specific apps every single day.  

Over the past decade, mobile apps have rapidly become a fundamental part of our daily lives, and for many of us, there are a few apps out there that we simply can’t live without.

This in turn is great news for all companies, as having an app that’s widely accessible to your customer base can lead to a huge uptick in revenue. In fact, it’s reported that U.S. consumers spent nearly $5.9 billion in 2020 on the top 100 non-gaming mobile apps that offered subscriptions.

And this staggering number doesn’t even factor in lower-grossing apps, or the hugely profitable world of gaming apps. Which is why the team at VoiceNation looked at both to determine just what the current highestgrossing app is right now. 

The ten topgrossing apps currently available:

Based on our research we’ve ranked the ten topgrossing apps below. Though, you should bear in mind that these rankings are based on November 2021 data, and apps are constantly shifting so may change order at any point!

However, all of the apps on this list have consistently been some of the most profitable apps of all time in regards to their various category rankings since their respective release dates.

1. YouTube

Since its release in September 2012, the YouTube app has been a consistent fan favorite thanks to its free and paid subscription options and a wide array of video content, and proudly earns the title of highest grossing app.As if to cement this point further, last month alone, the YouTube app grossed $80 million in revenue and had 13 million downloads, making it one of the most popular apps of all time as well.

2. Tinder

First released in August 2012, this popular dating app is the highest-ranking this month in its category, beating out others like Bumble and Hinge. While it may be trailing behind YouTube and Roblox’s streaming/gaming numbers, Tinder still grossed an impressive $56 million last month and had 2 million downloads worldwide.

3. Roblox

While Roblox’s revenue has ebbed and flowed in significant waves ever since its worldwide release in May 2011, this interactive gaming app is currently at #2 on the charts. In October 2021 specifically, Roblox gained 4 million new downloads and grossed $45 million in revenue. 

4. Candy Crush Saga

The popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga has maintained a steady revenue stream since its debut in November 2012, despite coming in a few slots below Roblox in this most recent update. Still, the app has garnered a decently huge monthly revenue of $38 million, plus 2 million new downloads.

5. Tik Tok

First launched in April 2014, the short-form video app Tik Tok has become increasingly popular as an entertainment app over the last few years, and in recent times has become one of the best apps for influencers. While it has come in behind its fellow media app YouTube this time, Tik Tok still grossed a whopping $30 million in revenue and 11 million downloads in October 2021. (Of course, you should once again remember that this data is from November 2021!)

6. Max

Released in April 2015, the (formerly titled) HBO Max app offers a wide range of subscription prices to its streaming patrons. As a result, last month their mobile app grossed $21 million in revenue and received 2 million downloads, showing just how popular Max is becoming as a streaming service.

7. Garena Free Fire

Despite having slowly decreased in category ranking in its app store popularity this year, the mobile game Garena Free Fire has held its own when it comes to overall profit. The app, which was originally released in December 2017, finished off the month of October with revenue totalling $17 million and gained 1 million new downloads. 

8. Bumble

While it may be most commonly associated with its dating services, the social networking app Bumble has grown in usage since its November 2014 launch by the adage of some new features.

Along with looking for romantic matches (Bumble Date), users can now make friends using (Bumble BFF) and even find new business connections with (Bumble Bizz). In October 2021, the Bumble app grossed $16 million in revenue and had 900 thousand downloads. 

 9. Hulu

Coming in grossing less than its competitor Max this month, but still much higher than any other streaming apps, is Hulu. Released in June 2010, Hulu has maintained a steady profit margin throughout the years — last month, the app earned $12 million in revenue and had 1 million downloads.

10. VeVe Collectibles

Unlike many of the other apps on this list, VeVe Collectibles is a relatively new product. Making its debut in October 2020, the digital collectibles app has found its way to #4 of the highest-grossing apps a mere year later. Last month the VeVe Collectibles app found itself with 50 thousand new downloads and $8 million in overall revenue. 

What Makes an App Downloadable?

Now, what is it that all of these high-grossing apps have in common?

Well, despite crossing several genres and varying in aspects like launch date and general target audience, all of these top-grossing apps are multidimensional and interactive.

While Roblox and Tik Tok, for example, are widely different apps, they both feature dynamic ever-changing content and the ability for users to interact with the app and each other.

In other words, they give the users plenty of interaction, entertainment, flexibility, and access to each other through social elements.  

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