Call Patching

Also called call transfer, call relay, or call forwarding service, call patching is a feature many of our customers need and we make it super easy to configure.

Benefits of Call Patching

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All Calls vs. Some Calls

Forward all your calls all the time, or some of your calls some of the time. Set up your call forwarding service and on-call schedule management on your online dashboard.

VoiceNation can call patch your important calls to you for those HOT leads!
No Extra Charge

Don't pay extra for a feature you can't live without. Our all-inclusive plans include call patching at no additional charge.

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Only Calls You Want

Calls that you want to receive will be patched through to you or one of your employees. You decide which calls to take - plus, you can turn your service on and off from anywhere with our mobile app.

What is call patching?

Call patching is when our live operators answer your calls, put the caller on hold and try to reach you to speak with them. If you are able to take the call, we will “patch” the call through to you. You are now connected to your call just as if you had answered it yourself.

Call patching is the most common feature where other answering companies will get you with hidden fees. Not us. NO PATCHING FEES! Yes, you read that right. VoiceNation does not charge any fees for call patching. That’s $0. We don’t believe in hidden fees. We keep our pricing simple and honest and just want to give you what you need to do business.

How does this affect my billable minutes?

With VoiceNation, you save time by us answering your calls when you can’t but you also save money in the way we bill your minutes used. Once we patch a caller through to you and our call center service operator hangs up, we STOP billing you. We don’t charge you for the patched call, we don’t charge you any long distance per minute fees for the length of the call, and we don’t charge you for anything other than the time our operators are on the phone working to get that call to you. Once you are connected to the call, billing stops. That’s it. It really is that simple.

At VoiceNation, we answer calls 24/7 – and we patch those calls to you with no hidden fees! Now doesn’t choosing us as your answering service just make sense?