Live Answering Service for Cell Phone Numbers: Try Our Virtual Receptionist App

Put the power of VoiceNation in your pocket with our free mobile business answering service app.

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Seamless Mobile Connectivity

  • Get messages in real-time.
  • Return calls with your VoiceNation number.
  • Text clients and potential leads from the app.
  • Sort, filter, and tag calls.
  • Track your minutes through usage alerts.
  • Stay up to date through push notifications.
  • Access support articles easily from the app.
  • Generate reports and analytics.


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Bring Your Virtual Receptionist With You on the VoiceNation Phone Call Answering App.

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Get messages faster with a business answering service app

With push notifications, you can view your messages instantly, then sort and filter your messages so you know who to call back first. You can text and call from the app, making it easy to return your calls. We’ll also use push notifications to keep you up to date on new features and updates. We make it easy for you to prioritize and stay ahead of the curve with our free answering service app.

We make it easy for you to prioritize and stay ahead of the curve with our free answering service app.

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Protect Your Privacy and Make Calls From Our Free Virtual Receptionist App

Worried about clients or leads getting your personal number? Use your VoiceNation number and you’ll be able to receive and send calls on your smartphone without giving up your privacy. You can also send SMS texts with our answering service for cell phone numbers. Enjoy the simplicity of one phone with your privacy intact and your phones answered. That’s the power of live answering technology and our app working together.

Contact us today for a 7-day free trial to get started with an answering service for your cell phone!

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View Reports and Analytics From Anywhere

We provide more analytics than anyone else in the industry. You’ll be able to home in on who is calling, when and how frequently, and the length of calls, all in our free virtual receptionist app. Now that’s data you can work with!

Mobile App Features

We can do so much as your live answering service. Call answering and message-taking is just the start. Learn more about the incredible features in our business answering service app:

Easy to Download and Use

The VoiceNation business answering service app is free for existing customers. Log in anytime, 24/7, with your VoiceNation credentials and put the power of the dashboard in your pocket.

SMS Texting Available

VoiceNation clients can text from their VoiceNation number using our business answering service app.

All-in-One Call Management

VoiceNation makes it easy to manage your calls, leads, and messages in one convenient place. You can even text and call from your VoiceNation number, keeping everything organized.

Reports and Analytics

Get detailed reports and smart insights to improve your communication with sales leads. Your data is always yours to keep with VoiceNation.

On-Call Scheduling

Update your status with a single press of a button. Operators will screen calls and take detailed messages when you or your staff are unavailable.

Answering Service Pricing Made Simple

We have no hidden fees or charges. What you see is what you get.

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Get More Out of Your Answering Service

We can do so much as your live answering service. Call answering and message-taking are just the start! Check out all of our incredible features, both in our app and in our powerful online dashboard. Account management has never been easier! Sign up for your free trial today.

Voicenation Dashboard

Like the app?

Check out our dashboard! This incredible online tool lets you view your message, manage your minutes and make plan changes if needed. Account management has never been easier.

VoiceNation Dashboard