The best social media guide for your law firm

Peyton Duplechien • 19 Dec 2019 • 4 min read

Looking to grow your client base? One of the best and cheapest ways to do so is to focus on social media. More and more people are finding businesses, including law firms, through social media. It’s important to have a strong and active presence to have direct and indirect customer engagement. You could be bringing in leads from ads or posts on social medias or you could be getting referrals. Either way, you want your law firm and what you do to stick in people’s minds. Here are a few tips to boost your social media presence:

Tune up your website

The point of marketing yourself on social media is to drive people to your website. That’s where people head first, even before placing a call. You want a professional website where people can get the information they need. Provide profile information for you and any other employees at your firm. Explain what your firm does and the area of law. Provide contact information (phone and email or a contact form) as well as links to your social media channels. If you have any awards or accolades you can advertise on your site with badges, as well as links to review sites, those are great for boosting your image.

Start with Twitter, then expand

There are several social media channels that you could focus on, and with time, you can branch out. But the main focus should be on Twitter right now. Legal Futures reported that a 663% increase in people asking for lawyer recommendations on Twitter. Your best bet following Twitter is to target LinkedIn, since it’s a professional social media channel. You can create a content calendar to stay organized so you know what you’re posting and on what days. Mix up your content so it doesn’t all appear as just a free ad trying to draw in leads. Become a thought leader. Posting about relevant topics will increase engagement versus repeatedly putting your firm’s name out there as an option for clients seeking an attorney.

Set a goal and track your progress

There’s no point throwing content out into the social media atmosphere if you aren’t tracking your engagement and if it’s bringing in leads or referrals. When you post to social media, see if the content got likes, retweets or new followers. Keep a log of your calls to see if a certain post brought in leads. This will help you fine tune your content so you can figure out what works best. Set a goal. Do you want to have a certain amount of likes, retweets or followers? Are you aiming on having a certain amount of leads each day, week, month, quarter? Come up with a realistic goal and track your progress along the way. Otherwise, it’s wasted effort.

Get everyone on board

It’s one thing to have your law firm’s official social media account doing a lot of posting. It’s helpful and necessary, but one way to increase engagement is to have your coworkers post from their personal accounts in conjunction with what you’re posting. It feels more personal to followers to see an actual person posting and not just the law firm.

Wait for the calls to come in

Converting a prospective client doesn’t happen online. Yes, you can engage them on social media, get them to your website, but the conversion begins on the phone when a lead calls to set up a consult. It’s critical that you answer every phone call that comes in to your firm. But if you’re a small firm, with no legal receptionist, that’s not always possible. After all, you’re busy running your firm, attending court, having meetings and consults with clients. But every call could be your next client, so what do you do?

Consider legal live answering

You want to be available to answer every call, but that’s simply not possible. And if you’re operating on a tight budget, hiring a full-time receptionist to answer your calls is out of the question. With certain legal live answering services, you can get all the administrative duties of an in-house receptionist at a fraction of the cost. A baseline legal live answering service will simply answer your calls and send you your messages.

VoiceNation is the most comprehensive legal live answering service

When you choose VoiceNation, you are getting an answering service that will answer your calls, take your messages and send them to you instantly through email, text, a mobile app and online dashboard. But you get so much more. VoiceNation’s operators are able to do legal intake, schedule appointments, qualify leads and screen calls. VoiceNation is also a 24/7 answering service, including weekends and holidays. That means your law firm is always open. VoiceNation’s pricing is very affordable and there’s no contract.

Try VoiceNation for free!

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