Set up a business phone answering service for your accounting firm

Peyton Duplechien • 11 Mar 2020 • 3 min read

Anyone in accounting knows just how frustrating and tricky the tax season can be. The workload can be exhausting, not to mention the added crunch time that can turn your 40-hour work week into 60 hours or more if you’re not careful!

This makes finding the right balance between completing client paperwork and absolutely essential so you can retain your worklife balance and avoid burnout. After all, the last thing you want is to miss the tax window with a full voicemail box and nothing to show for it. 

Here at VoiceNation, we know that calls are just as important as the numbers side of things, even when the paperwork is piling up.Which is why we recommend investing in our business phone answering service this tax season, so you can focus on getting all the tricky math out of the way with minimal interruptions. 

Below are just some of the core reasons why our live answering service, virtual receptionists, and live chat options might be just what your accounting firm needs when tax time rolls around. 

A streamlined workflow

First things first, having a business phone answering service is ideal if you want to streamline your workflow and focus your attention where it’s most needed right now; that being the aforementioned tax paperwork. 

By leaving your call answering to a third party, such as VoiceNation, a trained receptionist who knows your brand can handle both incoming calls and voicemails directly, passing on the important information to you while answering any simpler questions your customers may have throughout the day.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, then we recommend looking into the following areas to find the right phone answering service for your business’s needs: 

  • Custom scriptingwhile some answering services will simply answer the phone with your preferred greeting and then take a message, other answering services act as virtual receptionists. This allows you to create scripts to collect detailed caller information to expedite the process, while giving you a clear understanding of what the caller wanted, instead of just having their name and phone number collected.
  • A 24/7 service – we all know that during tax season, normal operating hours are shattered. Firms and accountants might receive calls no matter the time of day, which makes having a 24/7 service essential to handle customer problems whenever they call.
  • US-based operators – if your accounting firm or business is in the US, you want your answering service operators to be, as well to help with continuity between your normal call answering and when you choose to use your answering service 

Additional features

As you can see, a phone answering service by itself can be very useful. But if you want it to operate more like a professional receptionist service, then you should also look out for companies offering the following additional features.

  • Call forwarding – If it’s important for a client to speak with an accountant right away, your answering service should be able to transfer the call through what’s known as a “warm transfer”. Here, the answering service operator will speak to the person the call is being transferred to, let them know who is calling and why, and then hand them over to the customer directly. 
  • Appointment setting – given the administrative work that goes into handling calls and client appointments, it should really go without saying that a phone answering service with the ability to book appointments is absolutely essential. 

Why choose VoiceNation as your phone answering service?

As you may have already guessed by now, all the specific features we’ve mentioned above are cornerstones of what VoiceNation has to offer with our phone answering technology. 

Here at VoiceNation, we use award-winning, proprietary technology for complex, customized scripting and detailed messagetaking. Our operators are 100% US-based, being able to forward calls, set appointments, and answer any basic client questions raised.

Once you’re set up with us,our operators can start answering right away through our . VoiceNation has a simple and instant activation process. That means no waiting for days for your account to become active. Instead, our oOnboarding specialists will help you refine your script so our operators answer the calls just as you would.  

Get in touch to learn more about what we can offer your accounting business, and don’t forget to browse our website for similar articles to this one, such as how a professional phone answering service can help solo accountants.