10 Best Cities for Young Entrepreneurs

Peyton Duplechien • 06 Dec 2021 • 6 min read

Driven, fresh, and excited, are some of the adjectives used to describe new entrepreneurs. Young entrepreneurs are the ones known to disrupt the scene, try out new ideas, and breakthrough longstanding business barriers.
The most recent and exciting breakthrough that’s been opened up is remote and flexible working. The days of constant in office, traditional 9-5 is being challenged by entrepreneurs everywhere. By challenging this norm, business owners and hybrid or remote workers can pursue travels and even moves that were outside the realm of possibility beforehand. So naturally, you might be seeking a new city to explore or settle down in.

What city is the best city to start a business?

But as a young potential new business owner, you’re looking for a fresh opportunity to plant the seeds of your business in a new town. Finding the best city for new business matters for a brick and mortar or physical operation and remote offices.
Here at VoiceNation, we get it. We provide remote live answering services nationwide to help keep our entrepreneurs on the go and their phones answered no matter what state or city they live in. To assist in the endeavor to find the best places to start a business, we’ve compiled the top ten cities for new or young entrepreneurs to live in.
See if you can find your next big opportunity below.


Seattle Best City for Business
Sleepless in Seattle? Maybe! There are tons of options of things to do in this city. From the outdoors to the fresh seafood to the rich shopping culture, opportunities for fun and business alike are abundant. Mainly, Seattle is home to tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks. Inspiration can definitely be found here, and who knows, maybe you’re next among them with Seattle’s business opportunities!

Kansas City Best City for BusinessKansas City

A major city with major offerings, this booming metropolis is full of a little something for everyone. Over 2 million people enjoy this city that brings good food, good sports, and good jobs to the table. Plus, you can’t beat the jazz and the BBQ. Your business can reap the benefits of having two states to service, as Kansas City sits on the border of Kansas and Missouri. Their chamber is focused on 5 improvement goals that keep this city moving forward and strong. Will you register here? 

KnoxvilleKnoxville Best City for Business

For sports and outdoors enthusiasts, you can check your work-life balance off the list. This city has both to offer with plenty of stadiums, teams, and the Great Smoky Mountains right next door. The young vibe is maintained with Tennesee’s staple of entertainment and the college situated in town. On top of that, enjoy a bustling, industrial-style city set up in the mountains. The zero personal income tax in Tennessee also doesn’t hurt too bad!

Charleston Best City for BusinessCharleston

Charming, historic, coastal, this town has everything a family might be looking for. Full of Southern hospitality and boasting an incredible food scene, this town is built for classy business meetings. Can you see yourself striking a deal over a craft beer or Shrimp and Grits? The economy here is strong thanks to tourism and rising tech companies in the area. Your business and family have the potential to settle down and enjoy everything Charleston has to offer. 

ChicagoChicago Best City for Business

The windy city might just blow you and your business away. According to Inc., a well-known small business information hub, Chicago boasted that 45 percent of investments produced 10 times the return on investments. Between the tech startups and the booming local economy, those numbers don’t lie. Outside of the business scene, Chicago has beautiful parks, tons of shopping, and the best museums the Midwest has to offer

Cincinnati Best City for BusinessCincinnati 

Ohio is calling your name with this town. Boasting its title as the Queen City, Cincinnati offers a rich food culture, museums, and its crown jewel, affordability. The housing is significantly cheaper than the national average making this a great location for a new business owner looking to free up some overhead cost. There are several opportunities available for all types of business that can be explored in this state. 

Las VegasLas Vegas Best City for Business

Does this one come as a surprise? Starting your business and life here definitely wouldn’t be sinful. Outside of the notorious strip, there are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. From the shows and glitz of the strip, there’s the beauty of the desert, the shopping, great eats, and surrounding metropolis to explore. When it comes to business, they’re famous for their jackpot tax breaks. Does that get your attention? 

San Antonio Best City for BusinessSan Antonio 

Howdy from one of the big cities with Texas-sized offerings from the biggest southern states! San Antonio is a destination city gone family town. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to promote your offerings at the endless number of events and things to do while enjoying the values that the city holds dear to heart. Their website offers a great resource about from start-up to success, they’re ready to host you!

Winston-SalemWinston-Salem Best City for Business

North Carolina sounds as charming as it really is. Bringing you bargain housing, you’ll save plenty in that department while gearing up your new role. Art flows here, so creative inspiration is right out your front door, plus some beautiful mountainous views. May your business grow as tall as the Blue Ridge Mountains. 
Austin Best City for Business


Everything’s bigger in Texas, including that they’re the only state to make their mark twice on this list! Austin is the capital of Texas. It’s also the second-fastest city for growing startups in the United States. With the college, rich tech and start-up scene, and affordable tax laws, Austin is a favorite for young entrepreneurs. No personal income tax? A zero corporate tax rate? I hope your bags are packed!

How Do I Move My Business?

Now you might be thinking, how can I run a business from any city effectively? Can I still go out and enjoy the town? 
You can go out, enjoy your free time, and still prioritize clients. Today’s modern technology and tools equip any small business owner to succeed in their work-life balance goals. Plus, with the right tech on your side, you can juggle multiple clients at a time, increasing your leads, conversions, and *cha-ching* revenue. 
With a virtual receptionist service like VoiceNation, you’ll have your phones or live chat answered 24/7. Your business will be covered nights, weekends, and even holidays! 
Now, your sacred time is spread out evenly. You save on the overhead costs of an in-house receptionist while taking advantage of a whole live receptionist team at your fingertips. VoiceNation’s custom scripting and accessibility keep your calls and chats answered how you want them to be, easily!
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