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Resources For Your Hearing Impaired Child

Written by Jacob C. Herman

Hearing Aids

Baby Hearing– Describes the types of hearing aids for children, infants and illustrates tips on making hearing aids comfortable for infants.

American Speech Language Hearing– The association focuses on developing proficient communication for those who are hearing impaired by providing information on hearing aids and other technology.


Communication Options– United States Department of Education provides advice for children with hearing loss about technology and communication alternatives.

For Family and Friends– Methods on communicating efficiently with those with a hearing loss.

Communication Choices– The Philadelphia’s Children Hospital program called the Deafness and Family Communication Center provides a variety of communication styles for parents.

Cued Speech–   This association uses cued speech as a way for the hearing impaired to grasp the elementary properties of speech.

Educational Facilities

Montana School for the Deaf and Blind– A state supported Colorado school for deaf and blind children established in 1893.

Government Pages

Florida Hearing Center -A Florida non-profit organization that provides testing and treatment for those of all ages.


The Children’s Hearing Institute – Founders Simon and Elaine Parisier implemented the institute to offer support and education to hearing impaired children and family members.

American Society for Deaf Children– National non-profit association uses parent to parent support for deaf children.

Publications & Websites

American Journal of Audiology– Using hearing aids with infants and toddlers.

Deaf Education Awareness– National Deaf Project bringing reform and awareness about education for deaf or hearing impaired children.

Helping Children who are Deaf– Publishing company that allows downloads of their book Helping Children who are Deaf.

Hear It– Children and hearing loss.

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