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September 07, 2016

List of Online Dictionaries, Thesauri, Acronyms and Encyclopedias and More!

English Language Dictionaries Searchable and free online dictionary and thesaurus. Merriam-Webster: Free online dictionary and thesaurus with subscription access to an unabridged dictionary. Cambridge Dictionaries Online: Free online dictionaries, includes a dictionary for English learners, a standard English dictionary, an idioms dictionary, and a phrasal verbs dictionary. OneLook: Free dictionary that includes the ability… Continue reading List of Online Dictionaries, Thesauri, Acronyms and Encyclopedias and More!

September 07, 2015

A Business Word About Words and the English Language

The English language has long interested scholars and common people. Its widespread use often leads to the evolution of colloquialisms and regional influences on the language. However, proper English usage requires an understanding of grammar rules, phonics, and being able to use English words, phrases, and expressions properly. There’s been a larger discussion on how… Continue reading A Business Word About Words and the English Language

September 03, 2013

Native American Writers

Native Americans are proud of their heritage. Their own history was preserved through the spoken word throughout the generations. With the advent of writing in their culture, storytellers began to preserve these stories with the written word and now the whole world can share in their history. Incidentally, many Native American authors do not copyright… Continue reading Native American Writers

September 23, 2012

Links and Resources on Tomie dePaola

Acclaimed author Tomie Depaola is best known for his children’s books. His works are so innovative that he is considered to be one of Educational Paperback Association’s 100 top authors. Mr. DePaola is of Irish-Italian descent, and his personality shows the best of both ethnicities. His vibrant voice can be heard on his voice mail,… Continue reading Links and Resources on Tomie dePaola

September 07, 2012

All About Words: Teacher Resources

All About Words: Teacher Resources Without words, there would not be much communication in the world. In written or spoken forms of communication, words are integral. For children, learning how to use these words accurately can be a bit difficult because English is a hard language to learn.  At VoiceNation, we love words and what… Continue reading All About Words: Teacher Resources

September 10, 2011

James Joyce Resources

James Joyce is considered one of the greatest writers in the history of English literature. His extensive experimentation of the language had opened doors for many literary possibilities. He is known for his radical style of writing, and some of his works are so complicated that they are not entirely comprehensible to even the most… Continue reading James Joyce Resources

September 07, 2011

The Basque Language and Business

Basque History First, let’s talk history. The Basque region is an area in the Pyrenees where approximately 80,000 Basques live on the French side of the mountains and 580,000 on the Spanish side. The Basques are the oldest group of indigenous people in Europe. One intriguing fact about the Basques is that their language seems… Continue reading The Basque Language and Business

To Tell A Story

Storytelling is a practice that dates back to the earliest moments of human speech.  It is a way to share ideas, imagination, and to entertain in a way that detaches oneself from the physical world and enters a world with no boundaries.  Stories have been used to teach morals, history, settle arguments, entertain, and honor deities and… Continue reading To Tell A Story