The True Cost of Missed Calls

Hear that? That’s the exasperated sighs of current and prospective customers hanging up after giving your business a ring — and getting silence in return. A missed call here or there is hardly your organization’s Armageddon. Yet a culture of missed calls breeds serious damage to your reputation. If unaddressed, those botched or abandoned phone

How to prepare for hurricane season

The 2019 hurricane season has already begun. Are you ready? Hurricanes can be devastating and unpredictable. Whether you’re in the eye of the storm, being impacted by strong winds and rain from the outer bands, or impacted by a stalled inland tropical storm, hurricanes wreak havoc. There’s still time to prepare using the following tips.

Leads Your Small Business Should Be Capturing

Lead collection is among the most challenging tasks most businesses face. Marketing efforts help spread the word about what you do and why prospective customers should consider your products or services. But actually connecting with those prospects and getting them into your sales funnel is tough. Are you among the many entrepreneurs and small business

How a Virtual Receptionist Can Increase Marketing ROI

You’ve put a lot of time and money into creating a small business. From initial startup costs and in-depth business planning to marketing your products and services, it’s important that you see a positive return on investment (ROI) on your efforts.  Although partnering with a virtual receptionist service can be a powerful solution to streamline

Live Answering or Auto Attendant? Choosing the Right Solution for Your Small Business

On your search for a professional – yet affordable – answering service for your small business, you’ve probably come across a handful of virtual receptionist services with different offerings. Some companies market themselves as “live answering services”, like us. Other answering services offer “auto attendant” services. So what’s the difference? Live Answering vs. Auto Attendant

Going Beyond the Call: VoiceNation Ranked Highly for Voice Services in Atlanta by Clutch!

VoiceNation is an Atlanta-based telecommunications industry leader providing 24/7 live answering and virtual receptionist services for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our exceptional customer service has received countless awards for our low hold times, exemplary accuracy and overall call quality. We are adding one more to the list as some of the top voice services in