Live answering features your business needs

Peyton Duplechien • 26 Jun 2020 • 2 min read

As a business owner, if you’re looking into live answering as a business solution, there are many things to consider. After all, you have a wealth of different services to choose from. All answering services provide the same basic function – answering your calls when you’re busy, taking messages and sending those messages to you.

24/7 live answering

Most answering services will offer extended hours or answer your calls during normal office hours. This is assuming that you’re too busy during the day to answer your calls or you’d like to extend your office hours beyond 5 p.m. With 24/7 live answering, your open to customers all day and night, including weekends and holidays. This way you can put your phone on autopilot and enjoy work-life balance!

US-based operators

With many big businesses outsourcing their calls, customers are becoming increasingly frustrated that their questions and complaints aren’t being handled with care and personalization. Look for an answering service that has operators based in the U.S. and not outsourced overseas.

Instant message delivery

Not all answering services will send your messages instantly to you. This is an important thing to look for in an answering service. Calls coming into your business are important, and you should be able to receive those messages right away so you can prioritize who to call back. Also check to see how your messages will be sent to you. Some answering services will only email them.

Simple pricing

While this isn’t exactly a feature, it’s something that varies wildly from one answering service to another. Not many answering services provide flat-rate pricing, which means features are add-on, extra charges. Take for instance if you want spam, solicitation or robocalls blocked. Some answering services will charge extra to do so. Or if you want bilingual operators, that’s an additional feature that you will be charged separately for either per call or on a monthly basis.

Bilingual operators

If you want to expand your customer or client base to the Spanish-speaking population, having an answering service that provides bilingual operators is a great choice. These operators will speak to non-English speaking customers in their native language, which enhances their customer experience.

Blocking unwanted callers

It’s hard for you to answer all of your calls, especially when many of them or solicitation, spam or robocalls clogging up your phone lines. Roughly 25 percent of incoming calls to businesses are spam calls. Look for an answering service that will block these calls for you. Additionally, you want an answering service that won’t charge you for those types of calls, which will run up your monthly bill.

VoiceNation has all the answering service features you need

At VoiceNation, we handle your calls with quality and care. We provide the most features at the most affordable price. We don’t stop at US-based operators, instant message delivery, simple pricing, bilingual operators, and call blocking. We can also set appointments, take payments, manage on-call schedules and do emergency dispatching – depending on your industry, we can do it all!
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