Get your real estate business ready for summer

Peyton Duplechien • 29 Apr 2020 • 3 min read

There’s no denying it, summer is the busiest time of the year for real estate agents. In fact, Trulia shows that the volume of home sales in June is typically 29 percent above the annual average. Homeowners begin their search in March and April but are ready to seriously dive in on finding their home after Memorial Day. So now is the best time to start preparing for your busy season! 

Connect with contractors 

If you’re really looking to make the most out of your busy season, don’t rely on old houses going on the market. Scope of neighborhoods that are in the process of being built or will be breaking ground soon. Not all clients are motivated for a move-in ready house. Some clients just can’t resist the appeal of a newly built, customizable house. Make contacts with builders to keep up to date on what’s up and coming. 

Don’t forsake old clients 

Now may be the time to send out an email with new listings and information about new housing developments with lots for sale. Just because you sold a house to a client in the past doesn’t mean they aren’t still your client. Maybe they’ve outgrown their old house, are looking for something fresh and new or need to relocate to the town over. Once a client, always a client! Reach out and see if you get any leads from old contacts. 

Toughen up against technology 

Knock, Zillow, Opendoor – these are all ways that technology threatens real estate agents. This puts the power of finding homes in the hands of the buyer in order to avoid closing costs and sellers are more motivated because it allows them to move out of the house before selling it. Maybe another email campaign could come in handy at this point. It is actually more costly to the buyer and the seller to use one of these services – convenient as it may be. Many people don’t know these facts and it can be a cornerstone or your marketing and advertising. 

The human touch is still needed 

What Knock and Opendoor and the like don’t factor in is that real estate is a people business. You know more than a website or app. You can learn your clients’ preferences and adapt. Thanks to beautiful real estate photography, a house may look amazing online but in reality, it’s lacking a lot. This can create a quickly escalating feeling of frustration for buyers. What they need is a personal touch, which only real estate agents can provide. But are you able to provide the greatest customer experience possible? After all, you’re incredibly busy during the summer season. So when you can’t answer your phone, what happens? 

Be always available with live answering 

You know that every call that comes into your real estate business is important. Your phone number is the thing you advertise the most. Whether it’s existing or potential clients, your calls are vital to your business. Don’t send you customers to voicemail when you can’t answer. Instead, consider bringing on a third-party answering service so that each call you get is handled by a live operator.  

VoiceNation’s real estate answering service 

At VoiceNation, we do more than answer your calls. We take accurate, detailed messages and send them to you immediately through text, email and the VoiceNation mobile app. We can share listing information with your clients, schedule appointments and we’re always on the line. You choose when to forward your calls – we’re available 24/7, that means weekends and holidays! With our mobile app, you can return phone calls using your VoiceNation business number, which keeps your personal number private and you can take your business line with you wherever you go – all in one! Grow your real estate business this summer with VoiceNation’s affordable service. Give us a call or try us for free! 877.679.3777.