Can a Receptionist Work Remotely?

Adam Alred • 04 Dec 2022 • 2 min read

In recent years, many companies have found the benefit of remote work. Many businesses have found that some positions don’t have to meet in person to achieve their goals and work productively. However, this switch to remote work has left a lot of companies wondering which positions could be remote, especially regarding the front desk. Companies have asked, “Can a receptionist work remotely?”

Can a Receptionist Work Remotely?

Thanks to the magic of technology, with the proper adjustments, it’s not only possible for your receptionist team to work remotely, but it’s easy! If you already have a front desk team in place, you can make a few changes to manage day-to-day tasks. Administrative tasks are possible anywhere thanks to scheduling apps, online forms, virtual signing services, email platforms, electronic databases, and phone software that connects directly to home lines. If your current front desk team has to deal with a check-in process, you can still have them in the office. Video software and dedicated receptionist platforms can make check-in a breeze even if you don’t have somebody in the office.

You can employ remote receptionists if your business still lacks one. These virtual team members can handle all the same tasks as a receptionist with the added benefit that they’re more affordable than you’d expect. In this case, if a potential customer calls the business number, they’ll be automatically forwarded to a live answering service where an operator will answer the call with a custom greeting designed to make the caller feel like they’re actually in the office. During the call, the operator can resolve issues, create appointments, and even forward the call to appropriate employees. A virtual receptionist can manage anything that a regular receptionist can handle while giving every client the attention and personal connection they deserve. However, the main difference between the two types of receptionists is that a live answering service is available 24/7, while a hired receptionist is only available during business hours.

Hire a Remote Live Answering Service as Your Virtual Receptionist

Not all receptionists must be in the office to handle all your phone calls. You can opt to forgo a singular receptionist altogether and hire a live answering service to get the same benefits at a more affordable price. When you hire VoiceNation to be your remote receptionist, you get the help of highly trained US-based operators who understand the importance of answering the phone in a polite and timely manner to make your business look professional to clients. Upon hiring, you can supply us with a script that ensures quality responses to anybody with a question, comment, or concern anytime, of day-even weekends and holidays. Our goal is to ensure your virtual receptionist always puts your client’s needs first.

If you think a virtual receptionist might be right for your business, contact us to discuss any questions and get started today to create a virtual answering team you can trust.

By Adam Alred

VP of IT @ VoiceNation