Telephone Answering Service for Restaurants Today

Adam Alred • 10 Dec 2022 • 3 min read


Using a restaurant phone answering service with your business


No matter whether your restaurant is an established community favorite or you’re just starting out, we all know how tricky it can be to pick up the phone during peak service hours.

And given that answering those calls to make bookings is essential for your business’s success, you can’t really afford to be missing them.

Fortunately, there is one simple solution to this problem – investing in a restaurant phone answering system, such as the one we provide here at VoiceNation! With a service like this in place, you’ll never have to miss any customer calls.

But we wouldn’t want you to just take our word and be done with it, which is why we’ve broken down all the core benefits that come with using a restaurant phone answering system for your business.


What is a restaurant phone answering service?

Before looking at all the great ways a restaurant phone answering system can benefit your business, let’s first touch on what a live answering service is.

Simply put, it’s a phone answering service that lets trained teams of Virtual Receptionists handle your incoming calls when you’re busy, meaning you don’t have to interrupt your busy schedule.

The system itself can be set up in one of two ways – conditional or unconditional call forwarding. With conditional forwarding, you can have a receptionist pick up your calls after a set number of rings. Whereas with unconditional, your receptionist will handle every call that comes in.

Either way, your odds of missing customer calls are drastically reduced!


Why does your restaurant need a restaurant phone answering service?

With a brief explanation of what a phone answering service is, it’s time to look at all of the benefits it can offer your business. After all, running a restaurant is a hectic and time-consuming endeavor, so we know you’ll want to save time where you can.


1. Improved customer service

As a restaurant owner, we’re sure we don’t need to tell you just how important customer service is. From seating guests to serving food, there are plenty of tasks that require you to maintain a sense of polite professionalism – and that includes phone calls.

And that’s where a telephone answering service for restaurants can really come in handy. It provides a professional and efficient way to handle all calls, no matter how stressful your evening might become.

From making reservations to answering customer questions, a telephone answering service can help free up your staff’s time so they can focus on the customers already seated in your restaurant, ensuring they have a fantastic dining experience.


2. Availability for customers

One key area of running a restaurant obviously involves being customer-facing at all times – even when you’re not open. However, as many restaurants don’t operate during traditional business hours, it can make it hard for customers to contact you at a time that best suits them.

However, when you use a restaurant phone answering service, you have a dedicated team of operators who can be there to answer your calls around the clock, even when your restaurant is closed.


3. Cost-effectiveness

Last, but not least, one thing that’s always important to keep down when running a restaurant are your overheads. Expenses can add up quickly if you’re not too careful, and adding more staff to answer the phone isn’t necessarily going to be practical.

Which is why using a telephone answering service for restaurants can be so effective. Regardless of what service you use, it’s almost always going to be cheaper than employing more staff, helping you reduce costs while meeting customer needs.


Boost your restaurant business with VoiceNation

Hopefully, we’ve made it clear just how useful a restaurant phone answering service can be. And if you want to start using one today, then you need look no further than the team at VoiceNation.

Our Virtual Receptionists are professionally trained and experts in their field, so you know you’ll be getting a service you can rely on. Get in touch today to learn more about what we can offer, and don’t forget to read our other helpful blogs as well. We have pieces on live answering solutions for the service industry and phone answering tips

By Adam Alred

VP of IT @ VoiceNation