5 qualities to look for in a virtual receptionist 

Peyton Duplechien • 30 Jan 2020 • 3 min read

Your phone is always ringing off the hook and you know it’s important to answer every call. Both from a customer service standpoint for existing customers and because every call could be your next customer. You don’t want to miss any leads!
So you’ve decided you need a team of virtual receptionists. You know it’ll benefit your business to have every call answered, every single time. But what exactly do you look for in a virtual receptionist? It’s hard handing off your business lines to someone else, so make sure to do your research.

Top 5 qualities of a virtual receptionist

1. High level of training. There are a lot of answering services to choose from, and this is one big consideration. Many answering services will train their virtual receptionists on the basics, in a short amount of time, in order to get them answering calls right away. But there are many moving parts when it comes to call answering, not just learning the software. Look for an answering service that spends a considerable amount of time training their operators to be the best in the industry.
2. U.S. based. This is another major consideration. It can be frustrating speaking on the phone to outsourced operators. And if you really want your answering service best representing your business, look for operators that are based in the United States instead of outsourced to another country.
3. Empathetic. Not every call is simple or easy. Sometimes it’s a customer with an issue with a service or a product. Or a client who is upset. You want your virtual receptionists to be kind, empathetic and warm. You want them to not rush a distressed caller off the phone as quickly as possible.
4. Professional. Think about an in-house receptionist. This is one of the first impressions of your business. You would want an in-house receptionist to be professional, which is the best representation of your business. The same holds true for virtual receptionists.
5. Knowledgeable. You’re handing your phone lines off to an answering service. You’re worried a team of virtual receptionists will not know your business as well as you do. You want your operators to be equipped with as much information as possible, so they answer your calls your way. Make sure the answering service you choose has custom scripting and account-specific training so that your virtual receptionists truly become an extension of your business.

Consider VoiceNation’s virtual receptionists

At VoiceNation, we know how important your calls are. It all starts with the training of our operators. We train for three weeks, and not just on software. They are trained specifically on how to handle upset callers, how to speak to callers with sensitivity and empathy. We also train from an industry specific standpoint, so our operators are able to do legal intake and are HIPAA compliant.
We believe that soft skills and professional knowledge go hand in hand. We also have incredible technology that allows for custom scripting. By using our online dashboard, you can make updates to your script any time you like. Our virtual receptionists are also 100% based in the United States.

Get started with your virtual receptionists right away

When you sign up with VoiceNation, your account is activated instantly. That means our virtual receptionists start taking your calls right away. Our pricing is so simple – what you see is what you get. Message taking, appointment setting, call forwarding, 24/7/365 call answering, bilingual operators – it’s all included in your plan. We have no hidden fees or charges.
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