Theology Resources

Peyton Duplechien • 20 Sep 2009 • 3 min read

The study of theology has been practiced for centuries. Theology is the science of religion and the study of God. While theology can mean the study of any god or religion, it is most commonly associated with Judeo-Christian practices and faith. The science of theology dates back to ancient Greece when early philosophers studied the deities of the Olympian gods, although Jewish practices were considered to be in place since the beginning of human creation. For the past 2,000 years, the practice of theological Christianity has taken place since the life of Jesus Christ. Theology provides an expectation and philosophy for those who practice it and who share in its beliefs.

  • Blue Letter Bible: Bible commentaries and a search tool for users to find information about specific Biblical topics.
  • Search God’s Word: Daily devotionals plus a search method for specific Bible topics and versions of the Bible.
  • Bible Info: Featured Biblical topics and a source for answers to questions about the Bible.
  • Bibles for America: An organization that makes Bibles and Christian literature available to anyone in need.

Biblical Studies

Old Testament

  • Old Testament Timeline: Significant events of the Old Testament from the beginning of creation through the time of Herod the Great.
  • Old Testament Survey: Explanations and answers to questions about the Old Testament in a straightforward description.
  • Overview of the Old Testament: A brief summary of the books of the Old Testament and the meanings behind certain passages.

New Testament


Liturgical Music

  • True Vine Music: A brief background of liturgical music, with several songs available for listening online.
  • Liturgy and Church Music: A thorough document explaining the relationship between musical offerings and the church.
  • Music for Liturgy: Many liturgical songs are available for downloading and use, available as sheet music in PDF form.
  • Liturgical Music: An extensive list of liturgical pieces available as audio files from Saint Michaels Church.

Schools of Theology

  • Candler School of Theology: Training for religious leaders located at Emory University in Georgia.
  • Santa Clara University: The Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley, California, providing instruction and ministry to graduate students.
  • Fuller Theological Seminary: A comprehensive theological education with an emphasis on character and ministry formation.
  • Saint John’s School of Theology: Academic, spiritual, and professional preparation of theological students, located in Collegeville, Minnesota. Affiliated with the Catholic Church.

Theological Societies