Get ready to celebrate National Day of Unplugging

Peyton Duplechien • 27 Feb 2020 • 2 min read

Ah, technology. Where would we be without it? The advances that have occurred not only within in technology, but due to technology, are mind blowing. But every once in a while, people need a break from technology. Because it seems like in this ever-increasing digital world, people are having a harder and harder time pulling themselves away from technology, taking a break and enjoying the real world.

How to participate

It’s easy. Just pledge that you will stay unplugged from sunup to sundown on March 5. That means no computers, no tablets, smartphones, even television. Enjoy your technology-free day however you choose. Go outdoors. Take a hike. Peruse a bookstore. It’s up to you!

Live call answering in a digital world

In 2009, VoiceNation was concerned about technology creating too much automation. We believe that there is still power in the voice. Consider when you call a business. Are you hoping to speak to a person so that your questions or concerns are answered directly? Is it frustrating to go through automated prompts just to reach a person? Or even worse, being sent to voicemail?

The power of the voice with live answering

That’s why we created our live answering services. We believe that human connection is important, especially from a business to customer perspective. Customers are increasingly wanting to engage with businesses, and the best way to do that is by having a person answering calls instead of a machine.

What is live answering?

At VoiceNation, we have a team of live virtual receptionists who answers calls for businesses. Businesses simply choose when they want their calls to be answered and our operators pick up. They take messages and send them directly to the business via our mobile app, online dashboard or through text and email. We also offer call forwarding, appointment scheduling, order processing and more. We’re open 24/7, holidays and weekends, too. This provides businesses the opportunity to always remain open and truly never miss a call.

What are the benefits of live answering?

First of all, it is providing that human connection that customers want. And this makes for a great customer experience. And having great customer experience is becoming a major key differentiator. Customers are beginning to demand a great experience with businesses, and by always being available, that experience is met. Secondly, your business will never miss a lead when  you never miss another call. Imagine how that could grow your profits!

Get stated with the best live answering service

At VoiceNation, growing your business is our business. We want to make sure that you never miss a call. Because the next call could be your next customer. Our plans are affordable, our virtual receptionists are highly trained and our technology makes sure that your calls are answered your way. So learn more about our features, get started with a free, seven-day trial, or give us a call for more information! 877.679.3777.