4 reasons why your real estate agency needs an answering service

Peyton Duplechien • 06 Jan 2020 • 3 min read

Real estate agents are the lifeblood of the company. There really is no business without them, so they have to be available at all times of the day. But how can professionals, who are expected to be at open houses, showings and other required activities, also be in the office, ready to answer phone calls? It’s just not part of the job description. This is where a real estate answering service can be a vital tool. Here are four reasons working with a service can boost your business.

Never miss a listing

Agents who want to be successful know that they can’t miss out on any aspect of the buying and selling process. No matter if someone is calling to list a house or buy a house, the caller is likely wanting to move quickly, and a real estate agent who doesn’t pick up the phone may be forgoing a lot of potential business. Choosing to put a house on the market or take on the burden of a mortgage is a big decision, and customers want to work with someone who is responsive to their communications.

Be ready with information

Even if the real estate agents themselves are not available to answer the phone, trained agents at a live answering service can share information with callers. They can help would-be and current clients with information on listings, provide hours for planned open houses and forward calls when necessary. Again, people who are interested in buying a home want to take action right away, before their dream house gets snatched up. They want to talk to a live person to get the ball rolling; if they can’t, they will simply call another agent. Plus, U.S. News and World Report lists poor communication and a lack of professionalism on its list of red flags when choosing a real estate agent.

Forever on the go

No real estate agent wants to feel as though he or she is strapped to a desk. It is simply not an efficient way to serve customers and get homes sold. Agents are constantly on the go, heading to appointments, showings, open houses, staging sessions and other tasks. With a live answering service, agents don’t have to feel as though they are missing out on sales purely because they can’t answer the phone or because they can’t afford to hire an in-house receptionist just yet. Phone answering services make customers feel as though their agents are there for them.

Get reliable contacts

Getting phone calls or listening to voicemails – on the rare occasion that a caller actually leaves a message – in the field can be difficult. It may be too noisy to hear properly, or the phone may cut out right when a phone number is being recited. A realtors answering service will send real estate agents a written transcription of the message, so all numbers and other important information will be clear and visible no matter where the agent is. In fact, voicemail transcription is one of the most important tools a real estate agent can have at his or her disposal, according to LinkedIn. It allows the agent to accurately understand what the caller needs, and that maximizes the agent’s ability to respond effectively.
Real estate is one of the industries that has the most to gain from enlisting the help of a real estate answering service. Because so much time is spent outside the office, a phone service is an obvious choice when it comes to investing in efficiency tools.

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