Why use a Virtual Secretary Service? 

Dan Marshall • 29 Feb 2024 • 3 min read

If you believe first impressions count, a Virtual Secretary Service might just be what your business is looking for. A Virtual Secretary Service makes it easy for your customers to contact your business, as your virtual receptionist is always available to take their call. This ultimately means that you are capturing all new inquiries and never missing out to competitors.  

What is a Virtual Secretary?  

A Virtual Secretary works exactly like an in-house receptionist but is simply offered by an outsourced provider. There to answer any incoming calls to your business, they will give your customers the impression that they work for you, if that’s your preference. The service can be tailored to your exact requirements, whether that means a Virtual Secretary taking all calls during business hours, over the weekend or even 24/7.   

Why should you delegate your calls to a Virtual Secretary Service? 

In order to be more efficient, a Virtual Secretary Service provides an alternative to having a salaried in-house secretary, able to take calls and forward them to you, schedule meetings, make call backs, and more. Here are a few reasons why you should consider outsourcing to become even more productive during your workday:  

1. Personalized service 

Here at VoiceNation, we discuss your business needs and recommend a plan to suit you. Then, we’ll give you the best American receptionists, all trained in the importance of delivering a great first impression, who will have your company information at their fingertips so they can take calls seamlessly on your behalf. You can even provide your Virtual Secretary with customized responses to guarantee your customers are getting the best service possible, and sound exactly like you. Our receptionists are also bilingual and are able to speak with both your English and Spanish-speaking customers.

2. Access your messages anywhere 

If you’re busy or out of the office, let your VoiceNation Virtual Secretary know and they will send a message to you instead of forwarding calls, which they can do via email or as a text to your cell. Also, all of your messages can be accessed via our app, so you’re able to see them anytime, anywhere, meaning you won’t miss out on anything important.  

3. Calls never go to voicemail 

Never miss another call with our Virtual Secretaries there to avoid voicemails being left. Finally, you’ll have professional and reliable cover for vacation time, sickness and even team members going on break. They’ll answer promptly even during busy periods in your business, handling high priority calls and forwarding them to the right person. Plus, there’s nothing worse than getting a voicemail that you can’t make out. With our Virtual Secretaries ensuring every call is answered, you’ll no longer miss a lead due to a muffled answerphone message.  

 4. Avoid sales callers 

Your Virtual Secretary can answer those pesky cold callers and direct them down the most appropriate path. Alternatively, if it’s an opportunity to secure a new client, the call can be triaged accordingly and forwarded to the relevant person.  

5. Real human contact 

When a customer reaches out to you, they do so expecting quality service and a positive experience. Virtual Secretaries answer calls quickly, professionally and create a great first impression for your business, every time. Using a Virtual Secretary Service reduces the need for an automated queue, helping your business manage an infinite number of communications between you and your customers.  

6. Better productivity

Using a Virtual Secretary Service will allow you and your team to get on with your tasks without the distraction of incoming calls. You can inform your Virtual Secretary if you would like all of your messages sending to you when you are busy, ultimately helping you increase your productivity. 

Why use VoiceNation? 

With the best pricing and great people, Virtual Secretary Services at VoiceNation lead the market. Don’t wait any longer, give your customers the first-class service they deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our Virtual Secretary Service.