Why Answering the Phone is so Important

It can be frustrating to attempt to get in touch with somebody only for their phone to ring multiple times or go straight to voicemail. That frustration can be amplified when a person is attempting to get in touch with a business to inquire about services, schedule an appointment, or talk through issues they’ve had with products or services. Lessening that frustration and improving customer retention are just parts of why answering the phone is so important and why a 24/7 live answering service can be a beneficial addition to your business.

  • Good first impression: First impressions are crucial; you need to make them count any way you can. That first phone call may be the first impression potential customers have of your business and if the call is picked up quickly by a real person instead of a computer, people generally feel like the company cares more about their time and business. This is often considered to be a great sign for potential customers, especially when it comes to smaller businesses!
  • Never lose out on a potential client: Oftentimes, if a call goes directly to voicemail, instead of leaving a message, a potential client will just hang up and try your competitor. So having somebody answer the phone stops your competitors from getting those leads because a receptionist can get an appointment on the books right away, instead of playing telephone tag for days or losing a potential client completely.
  • Shows customers they are valued: Answering the phone in three rings or less is a great way to show that you value your customer’s time and business. Picking up the phone quickly signifies that you respect your customer’s time.
  • Exert professionalism to your customers: Callers expect you to answer the phone quickly and not being able to do so can lead customers to think your office is chaotic. Even if you have a capable receptionist, they may not be able to consistently stay on the phone simply because there are things in the office that need their attention as well. An answering service means more calls can be answered and they can be answered quickly, which will only lead to good things for your business!

Use a Virtual Receptionist Service That Understands Why Answering the Phone is Important

When you work with VoiceNation, your customer calls will never go to voicemail. Our US-based team of remote operators is available 24/7 to support your business, so even on weekends and holidays, there will be a professional available to help your customer with any pressing questions or needs. Your goal is client retention and our goal is to help you by ensuring that every phone call is answered and your customers are satisfied with the response they get.

You can get started with a 7-day free trial today to see if a remote operator is the right fit for your needs.