What Is Live Chat Software?

Live chat software places a text box function on your website that allows customers to ask questions and solve problems quickly. Companies and customers alike enjoy live chat software because it can be made available 24/7 and makes customers feel like their questions will be answered promptly. Live chat software is managed by a human or an AI. At VoiceNation, we believe nothing can replace the human presence and professionalism offered by our trained staff, but we offer the same 24/7 service that chatbots do. When you use our live chat service, customers will feel like a human has heard and responded to their problems and questions, leading to greater customer satisfaction, fewer lost leads, and more success for your business.

What Is a Live Chat Support System?

A live chat support system is there to assist customers, but maybe that’s not what you mean when asking, “what is a live chat support system”? If you’re wondering about who is supporting the chat, we consider the staff behind the chat system to be the most important element. An AI can deliver canned answers to basic customer questions but will fall short of helping customers with anything beyond the basics. When you work with VoiceNation, the team supporting your chat service will be experienced, multilingual, and professional and blend in as a seamless part of your business staff. They add a personal touch to customer interaction with your website.

What Is a Live Chat App?

The live chat app from VoiceNation makes using our services easier than ever. The app is what allows you to toggle our services on and off as well as access and answer any messages our staff left for you. But that’s not all our app can do for you. The answer to the question “what is a live chat app?” has a lot of layers! Our app is your control station for our services, whether you use live chat, call answering services, or both. Our app, accessible on desktop and mobile devices, allows you to view all messages at any time, activate and deactivate our services, return calls, track service usage, generate reports, and access help and guides regarding our services. The VoiceNation app design helps you save time and effort by making your chat settings simple and messages highly accessible.

Grow Your Business With VoiceNation Live Chat

By now you understand the answer to the question, “what is live chat software?” but you might not fully realize all the ways it can help your business to grow. Contact VoiceNation today to learn more! We’re happy to get to know you and your business and walk you through the many benefits of using our live chat services. From quick answers to customer questions to flexibility in what chats are answered by a human and when to a fast, easy setup process, the opportunities for growth are endless. We make offering stellar customer service simple!