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How a Legal Answering Service Will Help Your Clients

Attorney Client Relations Helped by Live Answering Service

The law has turned into a competitive profession over the last couple of decades as the number of legal firms booms nationally, but there has also been a corresponding boom in opportunity as more and more companies and people become better educated about when they need legal services and how to connect to them. As a result, marketing your services as a lawyer has become a more vital part of practicing law as attorneys. One of the most important aspects of that marketing is creating a welcoming environment that helps your clients get the service they need. Here is how a legal answering service can help your clients and how it will also empower your legal marketing engine.

Personal Connection

First and foremost, live answering services connect your clients with real people whenever they call, making the experience warmer and easier to navigate. The dashboard Voice Nation provides makes it easier for you to navigate those messages too, and that means you will be better equipped to return calls promptly and organize your information easily, making it possible for you to have a better personal connection to each caller when you return calls, too.

Virtual Receptionist Services

If you are working on putting together a new firm, startup costs can range between $3,000 and $15,000, and that is before you pay for any staff or yourself. These costs can balloon quickly if you have to hire full-time staff because a single receptionist alone will likely cost you more than twice your other startup costs in the first year your firm operates. For that reason, many attorneys do not hire additional staff until their firm is established.

A single receptionist alone will likely cost you more than twice your other startup costs in the first year your firm operates.

Using a legal answering service that can provide you with a virtual receptionist experience can help you connect with your customers by providing all the same benefits a live receptionist on site would provide, including:

  • Determining the level of urgency in a call and making a note so you have the ability to gauge which messages need to be returned the quickest
  • Warm transfer services—greeting and screening calls before directly connecting them ensures you make a better connection when you take a call
  • Appointment setting and other calendar management services usually provided by reception

7 out of 10 potential clients hang up when they are sent directly to voicemail, so having any kind of live answering increases the effectiveness of your marketing by ensuring new clients receive a warm welcome, which increases the likelihood they will leave a message, helping you connect them to the legal services they need.

Using Answering Services and Virtual Receptionists Part-Time

Some attorneys find that an on-site receptionist is still necessary to deal with the volume of foot traffic their office receives or to support their operations in other capacities. In those cases, a legal answering service can still provide some virtual reception services by building in the backup needed to take care of your calls when your receptionist is busy. That means being able to take your after-hours calls as you expect, but also being able to handle live overflow, allowing your receptionist on site to focus on the people there in your office. As a result, your staff has less divided attention and a better ability to connect with people who need help then and there.

Select Your Service

If you are looking for a legal answering service, Voice Nation has options that range from about the cost of a cell phone plan on up to full virtual receptionist packages that can handle everything your office needs. This lets you focus on the cases in front of you with the full knowledge that your clients and callers are getting the help they need when they call you. Give VoiceNation a call or try our 7-day Free Trial today to check out our simple pricing plans and to see how our services can help you take your firm to the next level of service.

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Why Your Law Firm Needs a 24/7 Answering Service

When it comes to legal services, availability is a major key to success. If a client can’t get a hold of someone at your law firm at the most convenient time for them to talk, they’ll likely call someone else. There are several ways to solve this problem, but many attorneys are choosing to hire a live answering service. reports that VoiceNation has become the top receptionist service for businesses in the United States. There are many reasons why this company is quickly becoming an industry favorite.

Constant Availability

The American Bar Association advises that prospective clients are more likely to choose your law firm if a real person answers the phone rather than a voice messaging service. While you may already have a receptionist working at the front desk during the day, you likely don’t have someone available to answer calls on the weekends or at night. This can lead potential clients to choose a different attorney and cost you cases. With VoiceNation, you’ll be able to relax knowing there is always someone available to take the call when you’re busy. Because calls can be transferred to you if necessary, you’ll also be able to take care of any pressing issues before they become big problems and assure your clients that you will be able to help them at any time.

Lower Cost

Hiring a live answering service is much more cost efficient than paying an in-house receptionist to take calls 24/7. With a range of competitive packages to choose from, you’ll be able to select the options that best meet your needs and pay for only that. The profits gained from a single client can be enough to pay for several months of service. VoiceNation will also cover holidays at no extra charge so you and your employees can enjoy your time off without the worry of leaving your clients without help. Another financial benefit is that you and your employees will not have to waste valuable time performing tasks your receptionist service can do for you.

Professional Service

When you use VoiceNation, you can rest assured your law firm’s calls will be handled with professional service and attentiveness. Our team is highly trained and managed to be sure you never have to worry about the quality of your client interactions. You don’t have to wonder how well your receptionist is handling the phones; we do it for you.

You don’t have to wonder how well your receptionist is handling the phones; we do it for you.

Customizable Options

No two lawyers are alike, and the professionals at VoiceNation understand you will likely want things done a certain way. To provide the most personalized service, receptionists will forward calls to you exactly as you want them. Information from messages can be emailed to prevent untimely interruptions, giving you complete control over your interactions with the company.

In addition to customizing the answering service options, you can also choose to enlist VoiceNation’s help in scheduling appointments. Having all services in one spot frees up in-house help to complete other tasks and eliminates worries about overbooking.

Specialized Legal Help

With a rapidly expanding legal client base, VoiceNation has created a dedicated division to service the needs of any size of law firm, from a large practice with multiple lawyers to a solo practitioner. This answering team has a broader knowledge of the terms and situations that are specific to legal clients. This enables your receptionist service to more specifically help clients and establish a capable image for your company.

For professional answering services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, many lawyers are turning to VoiceNation. By using skilled receptionists to take calls, schedule appointments and forward necessary information, you’ll be able to use the service to help your clients and grow your business quickly and efficiently. Give us a call or test us out with our 7-day Free Trial trial today.

What to Look for When Hiring a Legal Answering Service

Once you’ve decided to enlist the help of an answering service, the next step is to determine which one you want to hire. Each company has different strengths that may work well for your business, but there are certain things attorneys need to look for to offer the greatest benefit to their law firm.

1. Availability

When someone contacts a lawyer, it’s often because they need help right away. If they aren’t able to get a hold of anyone, they’ll likely move on to a different attorney, costing you potential business. This can happen at any time, day or night. For this reason, you need to have a receptionist service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The best options will include weekends and holidays at no additional cost.

2. Cost

Most lawyers utilize a live answering service because it is less expensive than paying a receptionist to be available 24/7. Only enroll services from a company that saves you money by charging less than it would cost you to hire someone to work in-house at your law firm. Take a look at our simple pricing plans and see the value you will get when choosing our services.

3. Bilingual

While you will obviously want to hire a company that utilizes English speakers to answer calls, you should also choose a company that is bilingual. The United States Census states that Spanish is the second most common language spoken, coming in at several million more speakers than any other language. For this reason, it is imperative you select an answering service that is capable of handling Spanish speakers, meaning you won’t have to miss out on any clients, no matter what language they speak.

4. Training

Not all answer services are structured and managed the same, which is why it is important to find a company that only allows highly trained employees to answer your calls. VoiceNation, the market leader as reported by, has a designated legal division that handles calls for law firms, making them capable of understanding specific terms and situations other remote receptionists may be unfamiliar with. The answering service may be the first impression a client receives of your company, so you want to make sure the person picking up the phone is carefully trained and managed.

5. Efficiency

A good call center will have a specific plan in place in regards to what to do with messages and urgent phone calls. Having a system that includes input of the person’s name, phone number, time of call and needs, and having all information stored in one place means you won’t have to worry about clients slipping through the cracks.

6. Customizability

In addition to having an organized approach already laid out, the best companies realize each law firm is unique and will likely have specific preferences. Using a company that has several options for attorneys to choose from means you will be able to select exactly when and how you receive messages, phone calls and any other communication. You should also be able to set your own parameters concerning which calls need forwarding and which can wait.

7. Size

Many clients who call and reach an automated message service will hang up and try a different attorney, which is why it is important to hire a company with plenty of receptionists so you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your clients will be taken care of. Choosing a company of sufficient size ensures there will always be someone available to take the call.

Keeping these things in mind as you sift through the many companies to select your service can ensure you hire a company that will help your business grow. Making an informed decision can mean less stress so you can relax and enjoy the benefits of a live answering service. This is VoiceNation’s sweet spot! Give us a call or test us out with our 7-day Free Trial trial today.

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How a Legal Answering Service Boosts Your Firm’s Image

VoiceNation Live Answering Service Representative

If you are building your own law firm, you already know how competitive the legal marketplace can be. That’s something you no doubt learned as you were choosing the practice areas where you plan to focus most of your firm’s energy and researched the community where you are setting up practice. You have probably also started to research legal marketing and to understand how communicating clearly with your customers and establishing a brand with a clear image will help you bring in more relevant referrals and boost your visibility to potential clients.

What your marketing materials might tell you less about are the ways your office infrastructure can support and even enhance your marketing strategies. That includes the way your attorney answering service can affect your firm’s image when potential clients call in the hopes of having their questions answered and concerns addressed.

Polishing Your First Impression

Your firm’s first impression to new clients tends to happen over the phone. That’s because online communications don’t tend to include the human touch people use when they make decisions about whether to do business with a certain firm or organization. That moment comes the first time they try to connect in real time, and it makes your phone service an important part of your overall communication strategy. Most businesses realize this, training staffers to answer phones and handle customers who come through the door with polish and professionalism.

Your firm’s first impression to new clients tends to happen over the phone.

Unfortunately, that polish and professionalism evaporates if there is no human connection, which is probably why 7 out of 10 people who call a business and receive a voice mailbox simply hang up. To be able to make those connections, companies and law firms need to receive the messages that come from those calls. This means your attorney answering service quickly becomes the reason why many of your potential clients leave you messages instead of passing on to the next firm.

Demonstrating Resourcefulness and Success

Another reason why an answering service will help your firm is because it demonstrates success. This principle is well-known when it is applied to personal dress and conduct, and it does extend out to businesses as a whole as well—when your firm can afford to establish a live answering service to handle its communications, it not only helps to make your clients more comfortable and to augment your marketing strategies by connecting more people to your office, it also helps the appearance of your firm by adding a level of polish to your operation.

It’s easy to overestimate how important this can be, but the fact is your answering service shows you invest in your callers’ experience. That, in turn, shows you are willing to put money into making sure your clients are taken care of. It also sends the message that you have that money, which can subtly communicate the idea that you are a “winner.” All of this helps you to look more resourceful and successful in your clients’ eyes, which also helps them understand your firm’s trustworthiness.

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Using an Attorney Answering Service 24/7

For smaller firms that do not have a lot of resources to invest in the first place, a virtual receptionist service package can extend the quality reception work done by an answering service like Voice Nation into a full package of services capable of replacing an on-site receptionist. That includes:

  • Bilingual support
  • “Warm” transfers so your clients do not receive a machine
  • Answering services and message-taking
  • Virtual appointment setting

In many cases, this can even eliminate the need for an on-site receptionist, helping small firms save money while ensuring they maintain a full-service, professional operation that can handle the needs of every client.

Give VoiceNation a call or try out our 7-day Free Trial today to check out our simple pricing plans and to see how our services can help you take your firm to the next level of service.