Onboarding is another way to do quick set up. While NinjaBot can help you out with comprehensive setup, with onboarding you can quickly jump to different setups for four features. Keep checking back, we’re always adding more to the app to make your life easier! 

From the hamburger menu, tap Setupand then choose Onboarding. 


Then you’ll be able to slide through four different screens: 


If you don’t want to try to tackle all your calls, texts and voicemails alone (who does?!), then Team Mode is perfect for you. You can add up to five lines with Ninja Number (that includes your line) and each call, text and voicemail will go to each linked phone for extra coverage. Your team members don’t have to pay for their own subscription, which is awesome!  

Click Get started and NinjaBot will pull up. It’ll ask you if you want to invite a user, add a landline or remove a user or landline. NinjaBot will walk you through the rest of the process. We’ve got other support articles if you need help! 


This screen will help you set up Auto-Reply for your customers’ frequently asked questions. When they text or leave a voicemail, our incredible artificial intelligence will scan these inquiries. Once you set up customized questions (think, where are you located? What are your hours?) our AI will be able to text back your custom responses!  

Tap Get Started. You’ll be routed to the Auto-Reply setup menu and then you can start customizing! 


Live Ninja On-Demand is another one of our excellent features that you can set up right away. Live Ninjas are highly trained and professional US-based operators that are ready and waiting to answer your calls whenever you want! You can set your own hours for answering! Maybe it’s after hours and you just want to put your phone day. Or during peak hours when you’re missing a lot of calls. Or weekends, or you’re on vacation! Live Ninja On-Demand has operators available 24/7/365.  

Tap Get Started to set it up and start finding that work-life balance you keep hearing about! 


When you miss a call or text, our Auto-Reply can text back a generic reply crafted by you to let your customers know that you’re not available at the moment, but will get back to them as soon as possible. You can say it however you want! We also have generic replies that will be used as a default when the customer does not use one of the frequently asked questions you’ve customized. No matter what, when you miss a call or text, our AI is your helper sending responses for you! 

Click Get Started and you’ll be taken to the Auto-Reply setup menu! 

A happy customer

The owner of Catch My Drift Snowplowing loved NinjaBot. But he also loved the various shortcuts for account management, including the Onboarding selection in the Setup drowndown of the hamburger menu. He could quickly scroll through the very visual slides until he got to the one he needed. A quick tap, and he was on his way to setup!