VoiceNation and Sales Tax

You have probably heard the tired, old saying “There are two guaranteed things in life: Death and Taxes”.  While VoiceNation aims to ease your business life, thus staving off an early death from stress, there will always be taxes.

In the US, some states charge sales taxes, and others do not. Regardless, if your state requires sales tax, VoiceNation is required by law to charge sales tax. And subsequently, in some states, we are not required currently to charge a tax…yet. As new bills are introduced and implemented, regulations may fluctuate and change. 

So, if you are not being charged sales tax now, that does not mean that you will not receive sales tax on a future invoice. It’s all in the hands of your state. 

Luckily, Voicenation uses a leading service to help us stay on top of all the local changes and they are dynamically updated into our systems daily.  

This ensures that both your business and VoiceNation stay tax compliant. 

Keep it Accurate!

Your invoices will contain a very detailed explanation of each tax that we are required to collect.  Again, this varies from state to state, county to county, and even from curb to curb on a street.  Yes, the tax code is that granular in some cases. 

We charge sales tax based on your complete Zip Code of your billing address.  By “complete zip code” we mean all 9 digits. Did you know there were 9? Take a look at a piece of mail you’ve received, and you’ll notice your normal zip and 4 more digits. Those last 4 digits tell the tax system your precise area and thus your liability for sales tax. 

Our forms and system ensure your billing address is correct to keep our data mistake-free. We want to keep your business tax compliant! 

So, if your billing address changes, make sure you update this information in your dashboard account or give your dedicated account representative a call. They will gladly help you update your information and answer any questions you may have. 

You may also look through our updated terms of services for more information regarding our sales tax obligations.