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North Carolina’s landscape is as diverse as its economy. Situated in the southeastern United States, the elevation ranges from sea level on the state’s eastern seaboard to 6,684 feet atop Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi river. Tourists and locals swarm to the Outer Banks, Blue Ridge Mountains, or to play a round of golf at one of the many top-ranked courses in the country. With over fifteen metropolitan areas, such as Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville, and Greensboro, North Carolina is often honored as one of the best places for business. Agriculturally the state outputs eggs, poultry, cattle, sweet potatoes, tobacco and many other items. Other major industries in the state include finance, research, technology, chemical, paper, textiles, and electrical equipment manufacturing. North Carolina is also home to several film and television studios, and has been featured in dozens of movies and shows. It is a unique state with many avenues to explore.

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