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Boasting more than five million people, Colorado is a majestic state filled with breathtaking scenery. With mountains as high as fourteen and a half thousand feet, canyons, desert scenery, and rolling plains, Colorado is a major tourist destination for millions of people every year. Visitors go skiing at Vail. Ice climbers flock to remote mountain towns, such as Ouray. Avid music fans place Red Rocks Amphitheater on their bucket list. Beer fans can visit hundreds of local breweries in the area, or they can take a tour of the mammoth Coors Brewery in Golden. Colorado is more than just tourism, however. The state is often mentioned as one of the best states for business. Denver is not only the capital city; it is the business hub and largest city in the state. The eastern plains lend a helping hand to the local economy, as cattle, corn, soy, and hay are big business for the state. Sun and wind are also abundant in Colorado, which makes the state a forerunner in clean and renewable energy, such as solar and wind power.

State of Colorado