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Arkansas, otherwise known as The Natural State, offers a rich southern heritage and wide variety of outdoor activities and business opportunities for everyone. Arkansas is perfect for families and tourists alike. On any given day, you will find a family boating on a lake nestled in the Ozark Mountains. At the same time, you will find timber workers making a living in the deeply forested Arkansas Timberland located in the southern portion of the state. Over in the lowlands along the Mississippi River, you can find fisherman and commercial liners floating the mighty river. But Arkansas is not just an adventurer’s paradise; it is also filled with business success stories, which makes it a great place to start a family. Two of the most famous success stories to come out of the state include those of Bill Clinton and Sam Walton. Clinton served two terms in office as President of the United States, and got his start as the governor of the state prior to winning the election for presidency in 1992. Walton created the Walmart Corporation, as well as Sam’s Club. Walmart alone employs over two million workers worldwide.

State of Arkansas