The Setup dropdown

You’ve found the setup dropdown! This is in the hamburger menu and it gives you several different options for setup. You can choose: 

Onboarding: This is a quick way for you to access setting up your team members, Auto-Reply (both frequently asked questions and generic “away” responses) and Live Ninja On-Demand. 

Live Ninjas: Live Ninja On-Demand is our amazing gig service for call answering! You can turn on this on-demand service whenever you want, and boom, you’ll get instant call answering using our US-based Ninja Operators. Choose your hours and pay by call. That’s it! Here, you’ll choose when you want your calls answered (Ninja Operators answer calls 24/7/365) and set up your custom greeting (psst, that’s how our operators answer your calls!).  

AI Auto-Reply: Auto-Reply is one of our coolest features. Powered by artificial intelligence, your customers will get the fast response they expect! This dropdown selection is a shortcut to get you to set up, instead of going through NinjaBot. There are two different ways you can use Auto-Reply: 

Frequently asked questions. With this option, you can program frequently asked questions and answers pertaining to your business. We have a template you can select from and modify to help you out. Or maybe you get some really “unique-to-your-business" questions, so you can create your own! Either way, when a voicemail or text message comes into Ninja Number, our AI scans the message looking for the words you’ve set up in your FAQs. When it comes up with a match, it automatically texts back the response you crafted. Cool, right? 

Generic reply. This is a way of quickly texting back “Hey, sorry I can’t come to the phone right now. Thanks for reaching out, and I’ll be back with you ASAP.” Except it’s AI doing it for you! If a call comes in and doesn’t have a FAQ you’ve programmed, or you prefer a generic response, this is a great way to let your customers know you’re busy, but they matter to you! 

A happy customer

When it comes to account management, Ninja Number makes things so simple. The owner of Catch My Drift Snowplowing is able to quickly access all he needs to view account details or to make quick changes. He's a busy man! He doesn't have time to navigate a complicated app. Ninja Number is simple but powerful.