The Analytics dropdown


Your own Big Data source! When you select Analytics, you’ll see Reports and Insights. These two things are about to be your best buddies, because they are all about helping you improve. Want to learn more? Here we go! 

Reports. Every call, voicemail and text that comes into your Ninja Number is logged and evaluated. This is your gold mine of information. You can map where your calls are coming from, your busiest hours, abandoned calls, your most frequent callers and call type. You can view all this information in both graph and table form. This helps you tighten in on your market. It can help with advertising efforts. There’s so much you can do with this information, and it’s right at your fingertips! 

Insights. But we don’t just stop with reports. No, no, no. We give you personalized insights based on your reports. First of all, we give you a report card. Yep, just like grade school all over. We take a look at your abandoned call rate, callers needing response, callers responded to, number of calls and average response time. Then we give a Ninja Number star rating. That’s kind of like your overall grade. And then, we’ll give you advice on how to get better! 

We also give you tons of insights on response time, your busiest time and so much more. Ninja Number evaluates your calls over a 30-day period, so our advice and insights are always changing. Go check it out! 

A happy customer

The owner of Catch My Drift Snowplowing was great at running his business.. except when it came to answering calls and texts. But hey, it's not an uncommon problem. That's why Ninja Number exists! One of his favorite features is Reports and Insights. Here he could see real-time, useful data of his calls. He could better schedule his day so that he could answer calls and he even saw that with the changes he was making, he still needed extra help, so he decided to add some team members to his Ninja Number account. Wow did his Ninja Number score go up after that! Something he loved seeing! The owner of Catch My Drift knew he needed to get better, just not exactly how. But Ninja Number got him there.