Recent tab 


The Recent screen is your entire call and text history. This is great for call tracking, because you can not only see what calls or texts have been responded to, but also who responded – if you have linked phones.  

The Recent screen also has a search bar for quickly finding a phone number or contact. There’s also a phone icon so you can make a new call if needed. 

A happy customer 

The owner of Catch My Drift Snowplowing was too busy to answer his calls, but luckily he had linked his Ninja Number to four of his other team members so they could help answer calls and texts. The owner was incredibly busy filling out paperwork and working on payroll, but he was expecting an important call from a vendor. He looked at Ninja Number under the Recent tab and saw that the vendor had called and his team member Larry had responded via text. The owner was able to view the entire text conversation and was reassured that his orders were placed properly, the billing was sorted out and everything went smoothly. Awesome!