Ninja Number: Submitting a support ticket

If you still have questions after reading the articles, you can click “Submit a Request” in the top right-hand corner of the support page. (

The more information you provide, the more efficiently the Ninja Number Help Desk can help you.

When you describe the problem, please be as detailed as possible. When did something stop working? Were changes made? What have you tried? Proactively provide information to have the most efficient service.

Most support tickets contain questions that are answered in the articles. We will gladly point you to the articles. However, we can still communicate with you through the support ticket system.

Bad Ticket Examples:

  • Hello, it's not working.
  • I need help
  • Fix it

Good Ticket Examples:

  • My voicemail no longer plays after I changed the app from Voicemail to Hotline.
  • I need help with changing which extension a call goes to when callers press 1 or 2.
  • My service is no longer active. It worked last month.