Ninja Number: Reports

You can view many call reports are available by logging in to the web dashboard at or the Ninja Number Business app.

Available reports include:

  • Call History
    • An overview of all of your calls, including hang-ups, messages and call transfers.
  • Contact Activity
    • Gives you an overview of your call history.
  • Sales Opportunity Insights
    • Provides calls by day of the month.
  • Message Volume
    • Shows the number of messages your business phone is receiving by day of the month.
  • Customer Distribution Map
    • A map to see where your callers are calling from.
  • High Touch Leads and Customers
    • These are your most frequent callers.
  • Busiest Hour of the Day
    • This shows your calls by the hour.
  • Time Spent on Sales Calls
    • The average call duration measured in seconds. 
  • Target Cities
    • Shows where the callers are calling from

If using the Ninja Number App:

Log in. Your home screen after you log in should show a list of all reports available. Scroll down to see all reports. You may select individual reports to customize the start and ending date. 

If using the Dashboard:

  • Click "Reports" on the left-hand menu.
  • Choose the report you want to see from the list below "Reports."