Ninja Number: Mobile App Help

Setup progress - This bar shows you how close you are to completing your setup. These set-up steps will help you to maximize your use of the app and you can easily dismiss each set-up step.

Unanswered - These are calls and texts coming in to your Ninja Number that are waiting for a reply.

Contact Color Indicator - Click on a contact to mark it as an inquiry, initial contact, qualified lead, customer or VIP.

Needs response - This status determines the records that appear in Call Backs. If you've made contact with the caller, you can mark the call as 'already responded' by using the toggle.

Already responded - Once you've marked the call as 'already responded', it removes the incoming call or message from your call back list.

Recent - This is your Ninja Number call and SMS history.

Contacts - Displays a list of everyone you've saved as contacts.

Messages - Shows a list of all voicemails and texts you've received.

Dialer button - With this button, you can access the dialer of the phone to make a phone call. 

Minutes/texts used - Shows how many minutes and texts you've used. This is for informational purposes only, since you have unlimited usage!

My Team Details - Shows all phones linked to your Ninja Number account and whether the person is available to answer the phone.

Reports - Shows a list of all reports on your calls.

Insights - These reports grade you on your call habits and offer advice on how to improve your communications.

Referrals - Refer people to Ninja Number and get credit on your monthly bill!

NinjaBot - Our AI-powered bot guides you through the setup process, from adding phones and configuring auto-reply to changing your profile and upgrading your plan.

  • Voicemail GreetingChange your voicemail greeting by typing it, recording it or using one of our pre-recorded greetings.
  • Profile - Update your name, email, phone number and timezone.
  • User Management - Invite or remove linked phone numbers from your Ninja Number.
  • AccountSwitch to Announcement mode, or change or cancel your plan.
    Announcement modeRecord a message for your callers. Phones will not ring, and no call goes to voicemail. This is ideal for weather-related closings, hours and directions. You can access this setting under Account.
  • More - Contact support, turn on or off notifications, see our terms and conditions, or log out.

Go Back If you need to go back in the dialog with the NinjaBot you can choose this to go back one step.

Restart NinjaBot - This will allow you to start at the beginning of the dialog with the NinjaBot.

About - This will show you your Ninja Number phone number, your linked phone number, your response aggressiveness setting, and the App version you are using.

  • Linked Mobile Phone - Shows you what phone you have linked to your Ninja Number. If you're using the app, it should be your cellphone number. Access it under "About" in the menu. This is where you’ll change your linked mobile phone should you need to.
  • Aggressiveness Toggle - Determine how quickly you want to return phone calls. Ninja Number will grade you on your responsiveness! Access it under "About" in the menu.

Log Out - Logs you out of the app. Access it under "About" in the menu or under "More..." in the NinjaBot.

Hold My Calls - Send all calls to voicemail by flipping the toggle to red (on). To continue receiving calls to your cellphone, toggle it back to green (off).

Filter - Filter call backs by contact status if you only want to see a particular status.

Search - Search your messages by contact name, phone number, or the most recent content of your messages. 

Notifications - If enabled, it sends push notifications to your phone whenever you have a new message or missed call. Access it under "More..." in the NinjaBot.

Password - You can change your password by tapping "Profile" in the NinjaBot.

Nickname - This is the name that your administrator will see under linked phones. Access it under "Profile" in the NinjaBot.

Email - Change your email address by tapping "Profile" in the NinjaBot.

Call Back Age Color - Displays how long ago you received a call back.

  • Green - Less than 1 day ago you received a call back.
  • Blue - More than 1 day, but less than 7 days ago you received a call back.
  • Black - You received a call back more than 7 days ago.