Ninja Number: How to Setup Voicemail

Your Ninja Number is automatically set for voicemail when you open the Ninja Number app.  Once you are signed in, the NinjaBot will ask you if you want to change the application or  configure it.

When you choose to configure the voicemail, you will have the option to record your greeting, type it, or use one of our greetings.

Recording your greeting

Recording your greeting is very simple. Press the Start Recording button, then say your greeting. When you are finished with your greeting, tap the Stop Recording button.

You will then have the option to listen to what you have recorded. If you like it, then select Keep it. If you wish to try it again, tap Try again. Repeat this process until you have the greeting recorded the way you want.

Typing your greeting

When you select type your greeting, the greeting that you type will be transcribed and read by your choice of male or female, American or British voice.

Some things to consider when typing your greeting:

  • Punctuation is key to ensuring that your greeting is read back well. Use commas to indicate a pause; use semicolons or periods to indicate the end of a phrase or sentence.
  • There may be rare times when you might decide to spell the way something sounds as opposed to how it is truly spelled to make sure the NinjaBot says it correctly.

Using one of ours

Deciding to use our greeting is the fastest and simplest option. We provide you with three prerecorded greetings that are general but professional sounding. You can listen to these greetings before you decide to use them.