Ninja Credits display 


This display shows you how many Ninja Credits you have. This is pretty important if you’re using Live Ninja On-Demand. This feature gives you access to professional, US-based operators who will answer your calls on demand. You choose when you want this service (typically after hours, during busy hours, weekends or holidays – it's available 24/7/365!) and customize your answer script so your Live Ninjas answer the phone just as you would. 

Each interaction (when a Live Ninja answers a call) is worth a credit. You can purchase credits in the app. Your Ninja Credits display is showing you how many credits you have left! A more detailed report can be found under Live Ninja Settings. 

A happy customer

The owner of Catch My Drift Snowplowing loves using Live Ninja On-Demand. During big winter storms, his phones are ringing off the hook. Even with five linked phones, it's just not enough to handle his call volume. That's when he taps his Live Ninjas. But he's not keeping track of how many credits he has manually. And he doesn't want to have to dig through the app every time he wants to see how many credits he has left. Well luckily, Ninja Credits appear in the hamburger menu so he can see right away how many he has left and if he needs to buy more. So simple!