How to set up Auto-Reply


Setting up Auto-Reply with Onboarding 


In the hamburger menu under the Setup tab, select Onboarding.  


Slide the screen until you reach the orange AI Assistance screen. 

Tap Get Started. 

You’ll be redirected to the Auto-Reply Set Up screen! 

We’ll get to the rest of the steps later in the article. If this is the way you’re setting up Auto-Reply, feel free to skip ahead! 

Setting up Auto-Reply in the hamburger menu 

In the hamburger menu under the Setup tab, select AI Auto Reply. 

You’ll automatically be routed to the setup menu! 

Completing Auto-Reply set up 

Auto-Reply is an awesome feature. Our amazing artificial intelligence scans voicemails and texts for your customers’ frequently asked questions and then responds with your custom answer. You want this bad boy working for you! 

The first thing you want to do is to make sure Auto-Reply is on, that’s pretty importantJust slide the toggle on. It will turn from grey to red, which means it’s on! 


At the top of the screen, select the + (plus sign), which will pull up the template for your Auto-Reply questions and answers. 

You can choose from a variety of questions we’ve built for you. Tap the + (plus sign) next to the question to edit the questions and responses. 


Next, be sure to craft responses for missed calls, voicemails and texts! This is so cool. It means when you’re too busy to answer, your clients, customers and vendors will still receive personal attention! 

General Reply Set Up

Sometimes a customer will ask a question you haven’t set up in Auto-Reply. That’s okay! We’ve still got you covered. When you set up a general reply,  

On the main Auto-Reply setup menu, choose the arrow at the top of the screen. 


Once you’re on this screen, simply type in a generic reply when someone has a question that our AI won’t be able to answer. You can ask them to call, or let them know you’ll be in touch with them soon! 

When you're done, hit the save icon in the top right corner.

Missed calls Auto-Reply 


Just like turning on Auto-Reply on the first screen, slide to toggle on. Again, it’ll turn from grey to red, meaning it’s on and ready to help! 

Just type in your general reply! Anything you want to let people know you’re busy but you’ll get back to them. That’s some awesome customer service! 

When you're done, hit the save icon in the top right corner.

Voicemail Auto-Reply 


Just like with your general response, if the voicemail you receive doesn't have any of the frequently asked questions you've set up, it'll send back a general response!

Same as with the other setups, slide that toggle to on and it’ll go from grey to red! 

Type in your reply. You can be fun, friendly, reassuring! Whatever it takes to let that customer know you’ll be back with them ASAP! 

When you're done, hit the save icon in the top right corner. 

A happy customer 

Catch My Drift Snowplowing was missing a lot of calls and voicemails. He was busy keeping his business running and oftentimes had to fill in when his crew members were out sick. It never bothered him, until he realized how much business he could be losing by not replying quickly to inquiries. With Auto-Reply, he could answer customer questions without ever having to pick up his phone! He immediately started capturing more leads and was providing fantastic customer service!