How to add or edit Auto-Reply questions

The easiest, quickest way to add or edit Auto-Reply questions is to start by opening up the hamburger menu.  

Choose the Setup dropdown selection and then tap AI Auto-Reply. 

You’ll be taken to the Auto-Reply Setup screen. 

By choosing Missed Calls, you can add or edit questions that Auto-Reply responds to when you get a missed call. This is usually a generic reply: “I’m sorry I missed your call! I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!” 


When you choose Voicemail, you can set up a generic reply in case a voicemail left doesn’t have any of the keywords in the questions you set up.  


If you click on the arrow icon, it will also set up a generic reply in case the AI doesn’t pick up on keywords in the custom questions you created.  

To edit questions and answers you created, click on the display question you’d like to edit. 

Make your changes and then make sure to tap the “save” icon. Or if you want to remove the question entire, tap the red trashcan icon to delete. 


To add a question and answer, simply hit the plus sign icon. 

You can create your own or customize from the template.  



When you’re done, tap the “save” icon. 

That’s it! 

A happy customer 

The owner of Catch My Drift Snowplowing added a location and wanted his customers to know. He went in and quickly modified his Auto-Reply questions! It was quick and easy!