Choosing your number 


When you download and activate Ninja Number, part of the process is choosing a number. This may seem confusing. You already have a number, right? But that’s the beauty of Ninja Number! You’re getting a second phone number on your smartphone! So your personal calls ring to your personal phone number. You can give out your personal number to friends and family! But when it comes to business, you’ve got your new Ninja Number. 

Your new Ninja Number is how calls will come into Ninja Number – so this is the number you give to your customers, clients and leads or advertise on your website or business cards. It’s also the number that will display when you make outgoing calls. It’s really and truly your own business number. 

Start by choosing a local or a toll-free number. If you’re a purely local business and are proud to be local, choosing a local number is a great option. If you’re wanting to come across as a large, national brand, then a toll-free number is the way to go! It’s up to you! 

A happy customer 

The owner of Catch My Drift Snowplow was having difficulty separating his personal and business life. Whenever his cellphone rang, he never really knew if it was a personal or business call. He needed his cellphone because oftentimes, he was out of the office – either making sales, talking with vendors or helping out during peak busy times. He needed to be able to take his business with him on the go. With Ninja Number, he had a second phone line on his smartphone. No need to buy a second phone! He could affordably have two phone numbers on one phone and always know which calls were coming in – personal or business. He never had to give out his personal phone number for business purposes ever again!