Call and message tracking 

One of the great features (of many!) Ninja Number has is the ability to know who you’ve responded to. It’s a simple concept, but when you’re juggling calls, texts, voicemails and running you’re business, things can slip through the cracks. But not with Ninja Number! 

When your calls and messages are responded to, we track who responded and when. This is especially useful if you have linked phone number and your team members are responding to calls and messages. 

We even track which messages are coming in when you use Live Ninja On-Demand. These are your Live Ninja Operators that you use like gig workers to answer your phone calls when you can’t. Turn it on when you need some extra help, switch it off when you’ve got things covered. It’s entirely up to you. But we make sure to let you know which messages are coming from your Live Ninjas! 


In the above screenshot, you can see an example of the response tracking.  

But more than that, we track the calls and messages that have come in to make sure you’ve responded to them. You can see that in the below screenshot.  


This means that we are helping make sure you respond to every call and text that comes into Ninja Number – well, the ones you want to respond to. Spam calls? Hard pass. 

A happy customer 

The owner of Catch My Drift Snowplowing was smack in the middle of winter. His phones were constantly ringing off the hook and he knew that every call was vital. Both in capturing leads and responding to customers. He knew that at peak times, his customers wouldn’t wait for him to respond, they’d just call the next snowplowing company. He had to be sure that all his calls were being responded to immediately and he could track that by seeing which calls were still open and which ones had been responded to by team members.