Auto-Replies display


This display is to show you how many Auto-Replies our amazing artificial intelligence has responded to for you. If you don’t know, our AI-powered Auto-Reply will send texts on your behalf when you’re too busy to respond. It’s pretty awesome. You can set up customized questions and answers -- think, “Where are you located?” and “What are your hours?” to which you can craft your own answers. When a voicemail or text comes in from a customer, our AI scans it and sends back the appropriate response. Cool, right? 

If you haven’t programmed questions and answers, or would prefer a generic reply, you can create a quick response – like, “Sorry, I’m not available right now. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.” So that when you miss a text or call, AI will send that text in response. Or if a voicemail or text doesn’t contain any of your custom questions and answers, your Auto-Reply response will default to the generic reply. 

Don’t want Auto-Reply? No worries. This feature is entirely controlled by you! But if you do and you have it turned on, you’ll be able to see how many Auto-Replies you’ve had. 

A happy customer

The owner of Catch My Drift Snowplowing loved seeing how many Auto-Replies Ninja Number had sent. He would go back at the end of each day and read through the Auto-Replies and see if any messages needed follow ups. It was such a great way for him to put his phone on autopilot when he couldn't respond and he could view the number of replies in one, convenient location.