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How it Works

SimplyONE - How it Works


One Number 4 Applications! Quickly change back and forth from four different services all under one number.

  1. Voicemail – The voicemail application is really self explanatory. It lets you record your own personal greeting that plays for callers before allowing them to leave a message. Voice messages are emailed to you as attachments. You can listen to messages from your PC and setup SMS text notification or phone notification.
  2. Re-direct – Super simple – does one thing and one thing only: FORWARD CALLS. When someone calls your number they will immediately be forwarded to the phone number(s) you’ve programmed your service to call. The caller hears nothing but ringing before they are transparently forwarded to you. If you don’t answer the call, your caller will be put into your voicemail or answering machine on your end; NOT with your NextPBX voicemail.
  3. Hotline – The Hotline application tells your SimplyONE number to just play a greeting, and will NOT take messages or faxes. It is designed to let you record information about your company, products, or anything you want to inform your callers about. This application is great for real estate property recordings, sports team announcements, 24 hour recorded hotlines and much more! Again, this application DOES NOT TAKE MESSAGES.
  4. Virtual Personal Assistant – The VPA (Virtual Personal Assistant) application is the most robust and flexible. This application gives you a full suite of unified communication tools that adapt to your work day. True call handling by status modes, voicemail, fax, call forwarding, music on hold, and a lot more are available while using the VPA application. It’s like having your own personal assistant at your fingertips! See all features here!

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