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About Us

VoiceNation: Defining What’s Next

VoiceNation’s innovative technology moves beyond the traditional PBX and cell phone. We’ve set the industry standard in voice communications, enabling businesses of all sizes to compete in the marketplace as a Fortune 500 organization. Our hosted platform offers companies all the features of a corporate PBX at a fraction of the cost or complexity of traditional technology. We also ensure companies stay competitive through a reliable voice platform and robust disaster recovery services.

Our Purpose:

At VoiceNation, our purpose is to make the world a better place for those in it. We are a company that focuses on the growth of our people while working to make a difference. We begin in our local community and expand our outreach efforts to help individuals in developing nations across the globe.


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VoiceNation has been continually perfecting technologies that have been validated, tested and refined since the early 1990s. As a result of VoiceNation’s substantial effort in research and development, we have launched several capabilities that other service providers don’t even have in the design phase.

We are the first to:

  • Offer 98% local number availability in the United States.
  • Make available a complete corporate PBX small businesses can afford.
  • Offer the most comprehensive disaster recovery solutions to protect important company communication channels.
  • Develop a voice platform so successful, it set the standard for telecommunications firms across the country.
  • Offer live answering in areas where it was previously unavailable.
  • Develop proprietary communication technology that is completely adaptable to meet unique business requirements.
  • Offer custom usage reports via the web for applications like ad tracking and live answering.
  • Implement a proprietary reseller platform, including a unique CRM system, which enables any business to offer VoiceNation’s solutions.

VoiceNation is the architect of its own technology. We deliver services directly to every type of organization and provide tailored solutions for high-call-volume businesses, such as real estate and specialty marketing groups. Since we develop our own technology in-house, it enables us to offer the most comprehensive reseller program in the industry and empower companies of all sizes to provide VoiceNation’s services directly to their own clients.

Our product offerings include:

  • Virtual PBX with multiple extensions and mailboxes, auto attendant, custom greetings, music-on-hold, live call forwarding, and other professional virtual office features
  • Local or toll-free number availability
  • Digital voicemail and fax-to-email on one number
  • Comprehensive Presence Management
  • Live answering
  • Complete PBX duplication, hosted remotely
  • Emergency information lines
  • Contact plans for evacuated employees

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